Mar 30

Revisiting some of my Favorite Easter Ideas

You don’t always have to re-invent the wheel each season. It’s okay it use the same favorite aqua napkins at Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. Whether you prefer using your favorite tried and true natural egg dyes or your trusty dollar store tablets that you soak in vinegar, there’s no shame. Your ‘Sunday’s best’ outfit can be worn over and over again each Sunday. And if you want to eat Grandma’s dinner roll recipe every single holiday and then on a random Tuesday night, that works too. You don’t always have to compete with yourself, try to “one up” last year or even keep up with the Joneses (I’m sure they have an amazing Instagram profile that’ll knock your socks off and simultaneously feel like aren’t enough within 5 seconds flat).

As a designer and creative, it’s hard to remember that sometimes. I was feeling a little inadequate myself this spring as I don’t have any super cute Easter ideas to share and I haven’t created a fresh flower arrangement in nearly a month.

It’s okay to feel uninspired sometimes. Last year was the strangest Easter ever and my girls still had fun. We still celebrated that Christ is Risen and we did it with half the amount of normal groceries and a limited supply of toliet paper!

Easter 2021 Ideas

I think sometimes we forget to look back at the memories we’ve previously made. Or the way we’ve set the table before. Or even cooking a special recipe that really liked but maybe seems so “last season”. Did you know that even recipes and food goes out of style? Isn’t that crazy!? If you like it, eat it! It doesn’t have to be trendy or stylish, we can bring back the things of the past – except for Jello molds, maybe those should stay in the past!

On that note, here are some of my favorite Easter ideas from years past. Some favorite flowers, some favorite Easter basket ideas and some of my favorite people!

The Year we Used Umbrellas Instead of Easter Baskets

It just seemed silly to put an umbrella in a basket, so I got creative and loved the way they turned out! I shared these in more detail last year in my Stay Home Easter Ideas post HERE.

Alternative Easter Basket Ideas
Spring Umbrellas as Alternative Easter Basket ideas

The Year I Designed a Greenery Wall Swag & Neutral Tabletop to Match

I design floral installations at weddings and receptions all the time. So this particular year, I was inspired to dress up the plain white wall behind our dining table with a little pop of spring greenery. I used a mix of real and faux ingredients and even designed a cake to match. You can see the entire project with sources HERE.

Natural Easter Centerpiece Ideas

The Year of Mustard and Mauve Spring Decor

This wasn’t technically designed for Easter but it is filled with some of my favorite spring flowers and would be perfect for a dose of happy right now. See more about this design, along with a video step by step of this arrangement being created HERE.

Yellow Spring Flowers Easter Decor Ideas

The Year I Set the Table for Easter and We Actually Sat at It

That sounds strange, doesn’t it? But the truth is, so many times when I come up with design and inspiration ideas or am working on advertising projects, it just that – an idea. It’s inspiration for how one could celebrate. It doesn’t meant that’s what our family’s celebration actually looked like. Most times there’s barely time to get plates on the table before we eat, much less enough time to stop and take pictures before hand. But this one year, I actually did. You can see that day in more detail HERE.

Natural Easter Egg Ideas

I’d love to know what you’re doing for Easter this year! Are flowers and food a big part of your celebration or is it more about pretty dresses and egg hunts?

However you’re celebrating, just remember how much we have to be thankful for HE IS RISEN!


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