Mar 29

Easter Tablescape

It’s holy week – the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.  We’re preparing for a home full of company and I took the opportunity to play with a mock Easter tablescape. This was done a couple weeks ago, in preparation for the real deal – which will undoubtedly be filled with a few less frills (think kids throwing Easter eggs on the floor, dad’s getting grumpy because there are sticks on the table and candles that need to be replaced by platters of food).  But it was still designed to bring inspiration and I will use pieces from it when Easter Sunday rolls around.

When I think of Easter, I like to imagine spring colors, seersucker dresses, white hats and daffodils blooming in the yard.  Today, there is still snow in the grass.  It’s forecasted to be a balmy 29 degrees on Sunday and so the visions are quickly swiped away, welcome to Michigan. However, that’s not going to stop me for sourcing local product for my designs, and if you follow me on Instagram (we can be friends HERE), you’ll remember my adventures of foraging pussy willows and dried grapevine all while dodging the swamp (word to the wise – foraging can be dangerous!).  The pussy willow was really my starting point as it was the perfect way to bring the outdoors in, remain seasonally true and bridge the gap between spring and winter.  They’re a sign of hope after a long winter and hope is what Easter is all about.

EasterTable | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography

EasterTable | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography Pussy Wilow | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography

From there, I created some clusters of wax flower, which I love for their delicate white blooms and their foliage almost looks like that of an evergreen, which is the only green outside my window at the moment.  This look could easily be created with baby’s breathe, blooming spring branches or even artificial blooms depending upon your location and resources. Simply soak a little wet floral foam in water and pop the blooms in place.  Mine are simply sitting on clear plastic plates as I used very few fancy mechanics in this design.

Waxflower Garland | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography Easter Tabletop | TownLine Journal Easter Table | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography

For me, the art of hospitality includes sharing things that you love.  Good food, good conversation and surroundings that make your guests feel special. I pulled out my grandma’s vintage silverware and designed with pussy willows, which other’s may not know the significance of but for me there’s a since of nostalgia that these bring from a happy childhood memory.  It’s my subtle way of sharing something special with those who grace my home.

Easter Table | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography

Grapevines were strung to the wall, with a few real and artificial blooms wove between their branches.  If planning on using real flowers to create something like this, I suggest finding something that dries beautifully over time, like eucalyptus or add a little dash of white with the baby’s breath.  I created this from scratch but I also love the idea of purchasing a premade garland and elegantly extending it across the wall (this one from Target would be gorgeous and you could even add in a few twigs and grapevine for extra dimension and texture).

Spring Table Decor | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography Spring Wall Garland | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography Spring Dining Room | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography

On Sunday, homemade cinnamon rolls will be our dessert of choice.  But I’ve been told that a good housewife always keeps dessert in the fridge, just in case unexpected guests should arrive.  In my case, I happen to have a lovely white cake in the freezer which I pulled out for this project, but I’m not sure I would actually serve it to any of my guests, as it’s almost a year old, but it sure photographed pretty.  My friend Kellie (who took these beautiful pictures for me) laughed as I told her that I just happened to have a cake on hand, but it’s really is just the sort of crazy thing that I might have laying around my house.  Perks of being a wedding planner.

Spring Buttercream Cake | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography Spring Buttercream Cake | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography

These little eggs placed on each napkins, they’d be adorable placecards.  I can imagine beautiful gold calligraphy here (however, my skills are lacking).

Easter Place Cards | TownLine Journal | Hetler PhotographyEaster Decorating | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography Easter Decorating | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography Spring Dining Room Decorating | TownLine Journal | Hetler PhotographySpring Dining Room Decorating | TownLine Journal | Hetler Photography

Photography: Hetler Photography | Napkins: HomeGoods | Easter Eggs: Michael’s | Faux Greens: Hobby Lobby | Taper Candle Holders: World Market | Cake Stand: Hobby Lobby

I wish you all a very happy Easter, I would love to hear about your decorating ideas and how you celebrate this holy holiday!


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