Apr 3

Our Real Easter

I’m still soaking in the weekend vibes.  It know its Tuesday already, but Gretta doesn’t have school on Mondays which makes it all too easy to make it a weekend bonus day.  Today feels like my Monday, but in a really good way.  I think it’s so cliché when people say my “heart is so full” but honestly right now I can’t think of another way to put it.  Easter has always been a really important holiday in my world, but this year it just hit me differently – the magnitude of what we’re really celebrating, how lucky I am to have the family I have in my life and again back to the fact that if Easter didn’t exist, nothing in this life would really matter.  We’d be hopeless.

When talking about missions, I once had a pastor who shared the importance of kindness and serving others, planning mission trips and helping the needy, etc.  But he said if we’re not also sharing the word of God, then we’re just sending them to hell with a full stomach.

As much as I love entertaining and decorating my life, if I’m not sharing the mission and heart behind it, perhaps I’m just sending people to hell with a bouquet of pretty blooms in their hands – figuratively speaking of course.  Perhaps dramatic, it’s a thought that I circle back to every now and then as his words seem to echo back to me from time to time.

Spring Centerpiece | TownLine Journal

Last week I shared a table inspiration that I put together for the Easter holiday.  On Sunday, there were 11 of us gathered in our space.  While it was a relatively small gathering, 11 people can’t always sit around one table and I always wonder what other designers “real” life tables really look like.  Its easy to stage a space but how does that actually translate into real life?  There are kids spilling, jelly bean stains mismatched chairs and extra card tables all around my house.  We were frantically trying to get primped and curled Sunday morning, hustling out the door and barely pausing the snap a quick picture.  Upon return home, there were dinners to prepare and Easter eggs to hunt for.  You can’t possibly make this all glamorous, right?

Easter | The Day's Design | TownLine Journal

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs | TownLine JournalEaster | The Day's Design | TownLine Journal

It may not be glamorous, but it’s real.  This is life and it’s the same for all of us. There’s no such thing as perfection, to achive it, one must shift their point of view, making all the perfectly imperfect moments perfection.

Easter Centerpiece | TownLine JournalEaster Centerpiece Ideas | TownLine Journal   Easter Centerpiece | TownLine JournalEaster Centerpiece | TownLine Journal

You know what’s not pictured around this table?  The people.  The people and the smiles and the love that sat around this table.  I didn’t pull out my camera as we cut into our homemade cinnamon rolls or as my dad ate his 7th deviled egg because sometimes you just need to live in the moment and soak it all in.



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