Apr 6

Friday Flowers :: Jessica’s Early Spring Bouquet

Jessica has freelanced with me for a couple years now and is a flower lover herself.  I’ve been somewhat desperate for someone plan a late winter, early spring wedding because of the stunning variety of blooms available this time of year.  So when Jessica became a client AND she planned a mid-March wedding, it made it nearly impossible to contain myself.  I wanted to buy all the flowers.  And I wanted her bouquet to be absolutely perfect.

Each angle of this bouquet was completely different, the variety was beyond my normal creative scope and its hard to remember what all this bouquet even entailed.  But the star was for sure the ranunculus.  I often have brides come to me not knowing what flowers they love, not knowing their names or just knowing a variety or two that has captured their attention.  One of those often found on the list is the coveted Cloni Hanoi Ranunculus, which is only available during these late winter months.  Ranunculus can be found throughout the year in various shades, but these are nearly the size of a peony and have the ever so slightest kiss of blush – they’re perfection.

Blush Ranunculus

I could have built the entire bouquet out of these beauties.  They’re Italian and dance in a bouquet like a ballerina’s ruffly tutu.

March Wedding Flowers | The Day's Design | Katie Grace Photography

Burgundy fritillaria twirled around the edges, lilacs gracefully extended there blooms and delicate sweet peas added their frangrance.

Blush Bridal Bouquet | The Day's Design | Katie Grace Photography

A few smilax vines added a small touch of green and dried goldenrod brought us back to the local winter season.

Spring Bouqet Recipe | The Day's Design

Photography: Katie Grace Photography | Floral Design: The Day’s Design

I’m excited to bring this Friday Flowers back and can’t wait to share more beautiful blooms with you.  And if you want to see all of Ryan & Jessica’s beautiful equestrian wedding day, you can see it here.

Happy Friday!



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