Apr 10

Greenery Wall Garland Tutorial

I have an empty wall behind our dining table.  It’s a big white blank canvas and after 2 years of living here, I still can’t commit to hanging things there.  Sometimes I just love the clean slate.  However, this spring for the very first time I decided to add just a touch of decor in this space.  Spring was calling and I wanted to bring the outdoors in.

Spring Decor | TownLine Journal

This was a project that combined some of my wedding floral techniques with a little interior design flare.  It was a really simple project and I only have to tiny nail holes in my walls, easy to patch up or ignore when I decide to take it down and move onto the next project.

Items you’ll need:

  • Chicken wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Nails (or Command hooks) for attaching the chicken wire to the wall
  • Twigs or Grapevine (I used a mix of grapevine and pussy willows foraged from my yard)
  • Flowers/Greenery (I used 1 bunch of real wax flower and these faux plants from Hobby Lobby)
  • Wire for any stubborn stems

Using your wire cutters, cut a thin strip of chicken wire.  Mine was about 3 inches wide and 6 feet long.

DIY Wall Greenery Garland | TownLine Journal

Next, loosely stretch out the chicken wire and attach it to the wall.  Make sure it’s not too tight against the wall or you’ll struggle to weave the twigs and greens through the holes.

DIY Wall Greenery Garland | TownLine Journal

Begin tucking the grapevines and twigs into the chicken wire.  You may need to wire any stubborn pieces into place but for the most part they should be fairly easy to weave through the holes of the chicken wire.

DIY Wall Greenery Garland | TownLine Journal

Once you have a layer of twigs in place, begin adding your greens or flowers.  I used wax flower, which was a live plant and let it dry out naturally in the arrangment and then added a few more faux greens.  Baby’s breath would be a great alternative if you’re looking for a small white blossom that will dry naturally or you could use all artifical product.  These queen anne’s lace are a really beautiful option.

Queen Anne's Lace | TownLine Journal

Make it as lush or airy as you like.  You could even use a premade garland as a base and then add twigs or grapevine into it, which would make the project even more simple.

Spring Decor | TownLine Journal

I’d love to see your versions of wall garlands (or even table garlands, mantle garlands… the options are endless!)


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