Apr 1

Mauve & Yellow Flowers for the Month of March

Yes, it’s techically April 1st and I’m just finishing up my March flower series.  But since we’re all at home in quarentine, who really knows what day it is anymore anyway???  Plus these flowers will spill beautifully into the month of April as well.

My orginal plan was to create this arrangment (using my 5 flowers from the month of March – linked here in case you missed them), and then create an Easter inspired tablescape.  But it was as I was finalizing these plans that the world outside got a little chaotic – schools closed, sickness showed up in our state and we were all ordered to stay home.  This order extends well past Easter and so all of our traditional Easter day activities (church, Easter dresses, egg hunts, a fancy brunch, etc) have all sort of been put on hold.  Onto Plan B….

I made a little video.  I thought we could inspired eachother with putting together flowers that still exist, even if sourcing them is a little more challenging right now.  Easter is all about the season of hope, which is what these flowers are giving me.  Hope that this is part of a greater plan, afterall He’s got the whole world in His hands and if there was ever a reminder to let go and reliquish control, it’s this.  None of us can truly control what’s going on in the outside world.  Instead we can focus on what beauty can be found in the situation.

Mauve and yellow spring flowersYellow Wedding Centerpiece ideasYellow poppy centerepice for spring wedding flowers

A quick little video of me putting this together (along with some dog barking and high speed curious facial expressions 🙂  Realtime, it took me approximately 29 minutes to put this centerpiece together, but I edited it down to just 14 for your viewing pleasure.

And then when I was all finished, I really couldn’t resist the idea of seeing what this might look like next to a placesetting.  So I grabbed some mustard napkins and simple stoneware plates and played… complete with candles and gold flateware.  I really should have just put together an entire tabletop because this little snippet by itself was so good!

Yellow poppy centerepice for spring wedding flowersYellow poppy centerepice for spring wedding flowersYellow poppy centerepice for spring wedding flowers Yellow poppy centerepice for spring wedding flowers

We finally have some spring weather here in the forcast in Michigan and the last of our snow piles have just about melted.  Hope the weather is doing a happy dance whereever you are as well!


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