Feb 10

More Negative…

“Monday Monday, can’t trust that day.” – Remember that old song by The Mammas & The Pappas?  I was thinking about it yesterday morning as I was getting ready for church.  I was thinking that I’m ready to change the lyrics to “Sunday Sunday, can’t trust that day.” It seems that Sunday has been a day of surprises for my family lately, and not necessarily pleasant ones.

Blowing Confetti | The Day's Design | Heather Cisler Photography

I may have mentioned this before, but my mother used to say that the Devil always had way of sneaking in on Sundays, doing everything in his power to stop you from going to church and being able to worship.  As I’ve grown up, I believe this more and more.  He tried hard, but didn’t win yesterday.

It’s funny, on Saturday I stared to write a post following up on my discussion about negativity from last Monday.  It was in fact the most popular blog post I have ever written.  The purpose of the Saturday’s draft was to dig a little deeper into why negative things impact us so much.  And there was also a little update on my current “leaky” situation.  And now today I have a new update… that post is old news.

So here we are one week from when I first discovered the drip in my ceiling which lead to the creation of the enormous hole.  My previous statement about there not being any damage other than the ceiling needs to be retracted.  It appears that new floors might in our future, however not in our budget.  In addition, we have sprung another leak.  Pretty exciting, huh?  My bathroom is now dripping too, and not from the faucet.

The point of blogging about all this?  I am not looking for sympathy or pity.  Actually, I’m laughing about the situation.  It’s kind of funny in its own twisted way.   Simply put, A LOT of the things that sneak into my life in the form of negativity have to do with comparison.  It is easy to compare yourself to someone across the internet, who seemingly has this prefect life, gorgeous office and booming business.  They have a lovely and ideal family, live in the suburbs with 2.5 children, a flashy SUV and no worries.  Their Instagram feed is meant to inspire, but actually makes you feel like less of a person since their home is spotless and you just tripped over the dog, 3 toys and spilled your generic brand coffee all over your rug.  Trust me, my house is not normally worth taking a picture of.  My desk? You haven’t seen it on social media for a reason.  I live in the real world with babies and spills and beat up old, second hand furniture.

The point is this: there is so much truth to the saying “comparison is the thief of all joy”.  Negativity is all in the interpretation.  If it makes you feel poorly about yourself, then I consider that negative – even if it isn’t something that the general public would classify in that way.

Even stranger, all of this was on my mind yesterday morning and then our pastor preached about comparison and finances which really drove the point home.  My housing situation could be so much worse, I am lucky to have a home. So today I am grateful for my home, the sunshine and this week of love – in which I’m going to have another featured over on Burnett’s Boards in conjunction with Heather Cisler Photography!

Have a great week friends!


  1. Ashley says:

    I just love you and your honesty here! I have always said on my own blog how unorganized and NOT together I am– I always post outfit photos and people don’t know that I have on;y curled the front two pieces of hair for the picture and the back of my head is a rat’s nest! –Things like that– because the internet/social media is mostly full of superficial, non truths. We all just have to remind ourselves of that and not compete, or beat ourselves up when we feel we are falling short. Easier said than done though, I am guilty of feeling like I am not doing enough, being enough, etc. These days I get pretty excited when I change out of pajama pants during the week! haha Thanks for writing this Shelby!

  2. Sara says:

    You hang in there girl. You’ve got talent, and honesty, and you keep it real – and that’s awesome. xx

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