Feb 12

Love & Economics

Occasionally I turn the TV on while I’m working (since I work from home), especially on those days where my main tasks are a little less entertaining (i.e. bookkeeping!)  We live in a cable free home, so my channel options are extremely limited and I don’t find myself distracted by television too often.  But yesterday, Steve Harvey was in the background chatting on about Valentines and love, relationships, etc. etc.  Then he said something that really got me thinking – “You can’t find Mr. Right until you let go of Mr. Wrong”.

Now, I have no idea what your relationship status is.  Whether you’re married, single, dating or kind of hanging out with someone, this statement applies.  It also applies in life situations.  If you’re spending all your time focusing on one project (the wrong one) you can’t move on to the right one.  Time is the key here.  Where are you focusing your time?  Go back to high school economics; this is a classic case of opportunity costs.  Are we missing opportunities while we’re stuck focusing on the wrong man, the wrong job, the wrong _____ (you fill in the blank).

Can I just say how thankful I am that I took a leap and started my own business?  I had a really good job previously, but it didn’t allow me to create, have fun or be myself.  And if I were still there I definitely wouldn’t have put together this pretty amazing shoot that’s featured over on Burnett’s Boards today.  You absolutely need to go see it!

Burnett's Board Valentine's Feature

Spend your time wisely and live life fully. I hope you’re enjoying this week of love!



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