Feb 3

Steering Away from Negative Town

Last week was a burst of fun!  I played in the snow with some gorgeous flowers and Heather Cisler (while also freezing my tushy off – there’s a fun little preview from her below).  I traveled up north with my hubby and baby girl to meet my dear friend Rachel and we collaborated on a little project that makes me giddy all over!  I was able to spend time with my Grandpa, meet some new vendors and have a lovely dinner with family and brunch with friends.  Plus I put together even more flowers and I ate a donut with sprinkles… sound like the perfect week, right?

Valentine's Treats | The Day's Design | Heather Cisler Photography

And then Sunday came.  We had perfect weather for travel (which has not been easy to come by lately) and made a couple of stops to pick up ingredients to make a simple and yummy dinner while we watched the Super Bowl.  That was the plan anyway.  What actually happened is a whole other story.  I opened the door to our home and immediately was greeted by the sound of dripping water.  About two feet in front of me was a huge crack in my dining room ceiling which was leaking.  Thankfully, it had managed to soak the rug beneath but no other furniture or flooring was damaged.  Needless to say, our original plan for the night was shot.

Today I have a giant hole in our ceiling, where the wet and rotted drywall once sat.  I also have 3 buckets, a ladder and a huge garbage can decorating my no longer functional dining room.  And due to the odd layout of our house, this also means that our main entry is not usable either.

Oddly enough though, I woke up today in good spirits.  The sun is shining and life will move on.  Then I made the mistake of logging into Facebook.  Negative comment, horrible status update, grumbles, complaints and other rants flooded my newsfeed.  Yes it is Monday… we all may have the case of “the Mondays” however, move on!  This just brings others down with you!!

Logging out.  While I did not make any definite New Year’s resolutions this year, I did promise myself that I would steer away from anything that made me feel negative or poorly about myself.  This might mean un-following certain people on social media, not comparing yourselves to others – either in personal or business situations, and trying oh-so hard to focus on the positive (like the fact that I’m going to have some amazing pictures to share with you really soon!)

When I feel these negative thoughts creep in I like to turn to writing.  Sometimes this is where my encouraging blog posts stem from, I write them for me.  Many of them also go unpublished, as at times it might be better if you didn’t know all of the crazy details running through my head.  And then I play with flowers.  Because who can be sad while playing with something so pretty?

There will be storms to survive.  There will be mountains to climb.  There will be battles to fight.  We’re only in month two of 2014 and these worlds could not be truer.  It can only get better from here – I say with lots of hope and anticipation for the future!

Happy Monday!!


  1. Jen Q says:

    Hang in there Shelby!! You are absolutely right, life will move on with or without you. I prefer it to move on with me! I will take the bad because without it there can be no good. Keep positive my dear. Everything will work out. And keep writing, I love reading:)

  2. Velma Cross says:

    Oh Shelby, I sure wish life could be as easy for you today as it was when I was much younger. this world has really changed in the last few decades making life hard to deal with. I think you said your peace well and I agree, avoid the negative people as our pastor said sunday if you run with the wrong type of people you will become like them. You are better than that you know>>>Love you and can’t wait til spring to get back and see you all. Love Grandma

  3. Oh my gosh Shelb! I am so sorry about your ceiling (and I feel your pain)… Had so much fun with you this weekend. So thankful for you!

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