Feb 7

It’s Wedding Weather! When to get Married in Michigan

Hey West Michigan!  Want to talk about the weather?  Does anyone else feel like that’s the only topic being discussed right now?  Yes we have snow… thanks for the update. Sheesh!!

When I was younger, any time we were planning an event or family gathering in the winter my grandparents were always the first to chime in and say “depending on the weather.” “The roads could get bad.” “It is January, so you never know!”  Ugh… I thought they were so lame and major worry warts.

Last Monday morning as I was driving down the road picking up props and supplies for my “fishy fun” project (search #fellinloveinfishtown on Instgram for some peeks), I couldn’t help but wonder why I was out on the roads.  Crazy white out conditions!  And my husband’s only response is “the things we do for photos!” True enough.

I have a really poor knack for picking dates for major events.  I think it might run in the family.  And I realize this is not what you want to hear from your wedding planner, so I’ll just let you pick the date!  But what I was really wondering is if weather played a huge role in how you chose the date (or at least the time of year) you wanted to get married?  I was thinking this morning about the pros and cons of getting married in each season.

 Winter Wedding Flowers | The Day's Design | Heather Cisler Photography

Photo by Heather Cisler Photography

Winter (December – Mid March):


  • Possibility for gorgeous snowy pictures
  • Less popular months to get married in, more vendor availability
  • Less conflicts for you wedding guests vacations schedules and social calendars (unless you choose December)
  • Getting married in December means the whole world is decorated with twinkle lights & greens – which could help your décor budget
  • You can serve warm beverages and winter comfort foods
  • Crystals and all things glittery blend oh-so perfectly!


  • Possibly for poor weather – it could be snowy, icy or grey and dismal outside
  • It’s cold!  Outside pictures are going to take some stamina
  • No greenery or leaves to add color to your wedding photos
  • You may need a pair of boots to wear under your wedding dress
  • December brides beware: the whole world seems to be decorated in twinkle lights and Christmas décor, which might clash with your wedding décor

Peony wedding bouquet

Photo by Bradley James Photography

Spring (Mid March – May):


  • Everything seems fresh and new which is a great feeling to have when starting your lives together
  • Spring flowers are A.MAZ.ING
  • Everyone is tired of being cooped up and ready to get outside
  • Possibility for warm, sunshiny day
  • It’s early in the wedding season, so vendors are fresh and excited about the upcoming season


  • It can still be cold outside (last spring it was still snowing in May)
  • Two words: April showers
  • If your guests have children, be sure to take note of Spring Break schedules
  • Sometimes everything is still grey and muddy outside, not the lush green visions we have dancing in our heads

Kait & Jordan | Summer Wedding | The Day's Design | Chelsea Seekell Photography

Photo by Chelsea Seekell Photography

Summer (June – August):


  • The weather should be warm
  • More venue possibilities  since outdoor spaces are also an option
  • Lots of flowers to choose from
  • Kids are on summer vacation, making it travel easier
  • More daylight hours


  • It could be more expensive, since it’s prime wedding season
  • Less vendors to availability (unless you book early)
  • The weather could be too hot… giving you a nice glossy look in your photos
  • Humidity.  Enough said.
  • Conflicts with summer vacation plans
  • You may have to also have a backup locations, if you’re choosing to celebrate outside

Fall Wedding Ideas | The Day's Design | Bradley James Photography

Photo by Bradley James Photography

Autumn (September – November):


  • Our minds start shifting to warm and cozy favorites, which is a great ambiance to create for a wedding
  • The changing leaves and color make a stunning backdrop for pictures
  • Fall décor is easy to come by and has many budget friendly options
  • You may still have your summer suntan


  • Nights cool down faster
  • Guest may have used all of their vacation time during the summer
  • Busy schedules with sports, back to school, etc.
  • September can be a rainy month
  • Autumn months are gaining popularity and are no longer considered “off season”

So what month will you be married in?  Is the weather influencing your decision? I’m not sure what I would do if I had to plan it all over again, I love them all!



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