Feb 10

Home Improvements

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Sit down, grab a cup of coffee (I’m going to get a refill) and I’ll fill you in on life happenings over here at the Ferguson household…. picture by Hetler Photography.

Back in October I began blogging about all the off-season shenanigans that were about to take place around my home.  I had this blissful dream of all the things that I could get accomplished during this slower time of year, organization projects, remodeling to-dos and office updates.  And I even thought it would be fun to take you along on my journey via blogging.

Oh the best laid plans…

Our initial house project was fixing the ice damage from last winter which affected both our dining room and living room.  This was an insurance claim, so rather than DIYing it (like every other remodeling project that we’ve tackled so far), we hired a pro.  I thought this would make things easier.  I thought things would get done correctly and in a timelier manor.  I thought wrong.  Start dates continued to get pushed back and suddenly I was fearful that it wouldn’t be finished in time to put up a Christmas tree.  I put up a tree anyway.  The crew was let go and the project is yet to be finished.  Let’s just say that I have more control and faith in my husband – who is handy, but certainly not a master craftsman – than I do these so called “professionals”.  If you’ve been waiting to see the “big reveal”, you’re going to have to keep on waiting.  Here are the original plans, in case you’d like to see those.

Project number two has begun.  For 5 years we have been living with the most disgusting, outdated and grossest bathroom you’ve ever seen.  It’s been embarrassing whenever guests need to use the restroom.  It’s dingy, with peeling wallpaper and shredded berber carpet… who carpets a bathroom anyway?  My guess is it was updated sometime during the late 80’s, but I’m not too certain.  We scheduled this project before realizing that our previous ice project would not be complete, but we have to move forward anyway.  We’re having a baby and I refuse to still be remodeling when she arrives.  We’ll see how those plans unfold – right now we’re about 40% complete, with 3 more work weekends to go (we’ve had 2 already).

As far as the rest, well, let’s just say that life is different than it was this time last year.  Things were much quieter then.  This year, it’s been a hustle and bustle of bridal inquiries, meetings and prep for the upcoming season.  I’m so thankful, but it has put a few of those blissful organization dreams aside.  Now I’m updating office space, making room for baby and tripping over extra tiles, tools and other random objects that seem to be floating throughout my home and things are just plain challenging.  But I’m really exciting for what wedding season 2015 will bring – and for the warmer weather ahead.  We’re half way through February, spring is right around the corner.


And I almost forgot one really exciting piece of “new business” – there’s a new website in the works!  I’ve been hard at work on this baby and love the way it’s making my flowers and designs shine… it will be up and running soon!


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