Feb 27

It’s a…

Yesterday marked my 37th week of pregnancy and I’m officially full term.  If you follow me across social media you might notice that I’m not very vocal about it.  I did make an announcement back in November, however these things are often quickly forgotten… unless of course, you’re the pregnant one!  It’s not that I’m not thankful or excited or any of those things, but I just don’t get the warm fuzzy feelings that are people generally find normal  from most expectant moms.  I find pregnancy and the pregnancy process a little strange and almost borderline creepy – there’s something growing inside me!  I try not to think about it.  The goal is to keep this space a positive, loving and optimistic one, so it doesn’t always seem appropriate to share what’s really on my mind.  Like Mom always said, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

But the truth is, we’re having another little girl.  She will be here in less than 2 weeks time.  And we’re really excited.  Gretta was moved into her new “big girl bedroom” last weekend, and Baby Girl #2 will take over the nursery space.  We’re still busy at work with the home reno projects, which we’re hoping (fingers crossed really really tightly!!) will just about be wrapped up this weekend.  I don’t know what people do that don’t have parents like mine.  Seriously, my dad has worked his hiney off in our nightmare of a bathroom and my mom has been a laundry and baby room warrior.

Meanwhile, I’m here wrapping up some really pretty details for 2015 brides and getting ahead of the game, in hopes of taking the next month to find the new norm and balance in life.  I’m not sure that any of us are truly prepared for what life has in store for us but things always seem to work out.  I’ll still be checking email and staying in planning mode, just on a little slower pace.  So I appreciate your patience and understanding.

It's a Girl | The Day's Design | Ashley Slater Photography

There are still openings in my 2015 wedding season for both floral design and planning clients but if you’re considering working with me the spots are filling up fast!  Have a great weekend friends and be sure to check back next week as I’m going to share the rest of my maternity shoot with Ashley Slater Photography, with some gorgeous calligraphy pieces from Kaitlin Parisho Designs.  It’s pretty, you won’t want to miss it!



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