Dec 10

A Leaky Update :: Kicked Out

I’m not one to sit back and stay uninvolved in a project, but that’s just what I’m being forced to do.  Last Thursday Gretta, Polly and I packed our bags and hit the road on our way to Nina’s house, where we are still taking residence until the construction is finished at the end of this week (hopefully!!)

I’ve never been so detached from a project.  However, since I work from home it wasn’t really going to be very effective for me to go on with business as usual in the midst of window removal, dust, sanding, patching, painting etc.  Especially with an extra set of little hands and our four footed barking machine in the way.  So I prepared, left specific instructions and now it’s all in the hands of the construction workers and the hubby.

Attempting to stay calm as I receive the progress reports is not easy.  So far day 1 of construction starting with the workers being over 2 hours late, since then the wrong windows have been delivered, the ceiling couldn’t be repaired as planned, the crew decided to take another whole day off completely and I’m wondering if there’s any way in the world they’ll possibly done on time.  Supposedly the floors will be done tomorrow and that should complete their work list.

In the meantime, here’s a little of what’s going on in the space with existing elements and a few new pops of fun, just to shake things up a bit.

Home Inspiration

1.  I’m finally loosing the putrid green color on my living room walls in favor of a more neutral tone.  Eider White from Sherwin Williams is the winning paint swatch, which is a soft grey-ish oatmeal color.  It will also carrying down the hallway and into the entryway, since all the walls are basically connected.  However, despite the fact that I checked and double checked the color and even painted a couple sections of my wall before leaving home, I still received a phone call Saturday evening that my hallway looked purple.  I’m so nervous about this!  I know greys can have a tendency to pull out some purple tones, but I didn’t even see a hint of it previously.  Fingers crossed it just a fluke and the space will look great once it’s all put together!

2.  We have 2 sets of floors that are being refinished.  First off our dining room which has wide pine plank flooring and need some major love.  Secondly, the floors throughout our living room and down the hallways and entryway.  These floors are the original hardwoods to the house, so circa 1950 something.  They’re red oak and in pretty decent condition, we’re just going to enhance their beauty a touch.

3.  This is not my house but it’s really lovely and it’s kind of what I imagine my room might look like once it’s painted and the floors are retouched.  I only wish I had a fireplace and modelings this lovely.  (Original image found here.)

4.  We’re keeping all the same furniture, we just couldn’t seem to stretch the budget that far, ha! We have a nice solid green, traditional style sofa and my two vintage walnut chairs are recovered in this fun green and white damask pattern from Waverly.  The rest of the furniture is a mix of a few painted shabby pieces, vintage finds and a little barn wood.  it’s a bit of a hodge podge, but I like it.

5.   Lastly, this is the fabric I have picked for new drapes.  It’s actually more grey and green than the picture suggests.  Our main picture window is being replaced with 4 smaller windows – which when they came in where actually larger than what was ordered so they just went ahead knocked out more of my living room wall, so stressful.

It’s going to be like coming home to a brand new home.  Here’s to hoping they get it done in time for me to still put up a Christmas tree.  I’ll be so sad without one this year.



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