Oct 29

A Leaky Update

One of the things I was most excited about once I got married was not only my new hubby, but also the prospect of living together and finally having my own house.  I’m decorator at heart and moving from apartment to apartment, living out of boxes and never having a place that was truly my style did not suit me very well, but it did suit my college lifestyle and prior to meeting Hubby I was a bit of a roamer.

The spring before we said “I do” we took the plunge and signed the purchase agreement on our very first home.  Oh the stories I could tell about my little 1950’s ranch, the adventures in remodeling since Trudy handed over the keys and all the paint spilled, blood shed (some of us aren’t very graceful with hand tools) and tears cried over of the projects that seemed like they would simply never end.  So to any of you DIY-ers or newlyweds embarking on this section of their journey, I pass on a fair warning.  We have now lived in our house for over 4 1/2 years and the to-do list is ever growing and my bathroom is still decked out with 80’s style faux gold marble countertops and wallpaper on the ceiling.  It’s pretty glamorous.

What I am learning is maybe it’s not quite as practical as I once thought to try to accomplish everything yourself.  Help is a good thing.  And thankfully, help is finally on the way.  Now this doesn’t mean that we’ve given up on saving our pretty pennies, it simply means that that giant leaking hole in my ceiling I wrote about last winter is finally being fixed.  Hallelujah!!!  We had a final meeting today with our construction company and a mere 9 months after the incident, the insurance company and construction crew are finally pulling through for us and my house is going to be put back together.  I am so ready to toss those rain buckets aside.  (And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this post from last February and add in A LOT more damage than what that post originally suggests, new floors, roof repairs, paint etc).

So because I know people are nosy and wonder what in the world wedding planners do in the “off season”, I’m going to tell you.  Be prepared for construction updates, tales of woe from construction days gone by and maybe I’ll even give you a little tour of my home someday, we’ll see ;).

Grand Rapids wedding planner | Hetler Photography | Family Photo Session

Welcome to our house and all the adventures that happen after you say “I do.”


Photo by Hetler Photography, last November at Gretta’s first birthday party.  Oh my goodness does time fly!!

  1. Velma Cross says:

    oh and I do know from experience what it is to have a roof leaking. not fun and a mess to clean up. love you all. Grandma

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