Mar 21

Style Me Pretty Bouquet Breakdown :: Nautical Lake Michigan Wedding

Featured: Style Me Pretty | The Day's Design | Clary Pfeiffer Photography

Building a bridal bouquet is so much more than just gathering a handful of flowers and binding them with a silk ribbon. It’s an artful composition of design. It’s a process of sourcing the right ingredients, crafting the perfect recipe and then weeding out any blooms that don’t quite meet the cut. And then the labor of love truly begins.

I remember the day that Becca send me a gorgeous, white mounded bouquet with the caption “this would be a dream”. I would never copy another artist design – there are a number of logical reasons behind this, but for the most glaring of those is because I wouldn’t be true to myself, I would be relying on someone else’s creativity and it might actually rob not only the other artist, but also the bride of having a piece that’s a one of a kind treasure that’s designed solely for her.  The bridal bouquet is an artist’s floral interpretation of each bride, their story written in flowers.

White Bridal Bouquet | Michigan Wedding | The Day's Design | Clary Pfeiffer PhotographyWhite Bridal Bouquet | Michigan Wedding | The Day's Design | Clary Pfeiffer Photography

St Joseph Beach Wedding | Michigan Wedding | The Day's Design | Clary Pfieffer Photography

So I asked, “What is it that you love so much about the bouquet?” After a little thought, she determined that it was the way that it was white, and yet had the tiniest tinge of pink scattered amongst the petals. It was so subtle and barely noticeable, and yet, there it was.

Becca was a very elegant and chic bride, so her bouquet was designed to be a reflection of her. It was just a touch nautical, perfect for a beach wedding. The blue hint in the greenery blended with Lake Michigan’s shoreline and the wild dune grass which prevalent all around. Then a couple anemones were added to tie in the nautical navy of the men’s suits. I chose to make the clematis and its silky smooth petals, the star of the garden rose infuse bouquet. This provided a resting place of the eye to naturally fall and also nodded to Becca’s appreciation of simple, clean lines.

White Beach Bridal Bouquet | Michigan Wedding | The Day's Design | Clary Pfeiffer Photography

Photography: Clary Pfeiffer Photography

You can read more about the individual floral ingredients and inspiration behind the bouquet here, as it was featured on Style Me Pretty over the weekend. You can also see the full St. Joseph wedding here as well from its feature back in December.

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  1. Emily Fortin says:

    Love your use of ribbons! Do you buy them locally in michigan?

    • Shelby says:

      Thank you Emily! These particular ribbons were purchased online through a wholesaler – I wish i could find a local Michigan source though!

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