Mar 18

Big Rapids Beige

Grand Rapids Wedding | Rainy Wedding | The Day's Design | Jamie & Sarah Photography

Photography: Jamie & Sarah Photography

Mud, muck and icky mush.  So much brown.  It’s all I can think about.

We’ve been here a 7 nights now.  The days attached to the nights have been filled with packing, sorting, boxing, taping, loading, traveling, unloading, resorting, unpacking and the piling up of so. many. boxes.  The reoccurring question of the moment is how am I liking Big Rapids so far? So far, I feel like a work horse tromping through the sludge, splashing, mopping, sweeping and dealing with an endless trail of mud.

I know March is a naturally muddy month in Michigan.  I’m realistic enough to realize that.  But somehow living in an asphalt neighborhood you forget.  You see the gray and the undesirable tones left behind on the snow piles.  And of course the mile long lines at the carwash on a sunny day don’t go unnoticed.  But when you head out to where the blacktop ends the word “dirty” takes on a whole new meaning.  I have worn rain boots out of pure necessity for the last week straight, with no end in sight.

In other news, my house is very brown as well.  There’s a reoccurrence in the palettes of this area that I’ve come to know as “Big Rapids Beige”.  It’s everywhere.  The warm and fairly unwelcoming tones of brown, brown and more bland brown.  Perhaps is to camouflage the mud.  Maybe it’s what soothes people here. Perhaps the locals know something I have yet to learn.  But at the moment, I cannot wait for a fresh coat of paint. And I’d like to feel clean.

Redecorating adventures are just around the corner, I’m trying to fit as many in as I possibly can before wedding season swings into full gear.  I’m so excited to add a dose of personality into our new home and create a space I am proud to call home.

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