Mar 7

Flowers Made with a Mirror

Building a Bridal Bouquet | The Day's Design | Helter Photography

Photography: Helter Photography

I finish every single bridal bouquet I make in front of a mirror.

In our current home setup (which is only last for a few days more…) I begin collecting flowers, arranging all the beautiful blooms in my hands, painstakingly spending minutes which quickly turn to hours, agonizing and arranging.  And then I stop what I’m doing, walk to the other end of the house and hold it in front of our full length mirror.

Then I tweak some more.

The mirror is also conveniently located at the end of our hallway, which gives me the luxury of being able to practice walking down the mock aisle – giving the bouquet a full test run and enables me to see exactly what everyone else will see on your wedding day.  It’s fascinating to me how a shift of perspective can completely change the look of a bouquet.

Sometimes I completely start over.  Sometimes I just adjust a flower or two.  But inevitably, there always seems to be a pile of loose petals and random leaf trimmings that migrate down the hallway and into this area of my house.

My husband tells me to put a mirror in the dining room, aka my flower studio, “condense your steps,” he says. I think in reality he would like to suppress the spread of flower trimmings.  He also gets upset that we have so many mirrors in our house.  Seems a bit contradictive if you ask me.

This weekend I began to wonder where I would put my “bouquet mirror” in the new house.  I was thinking I should find something full length and pretty fancy – since I will not be taking the gold and black trimmed, faux marble mirror that is glued to our hollow core wood door with me, such a shame.  And then I realize flea market season is just around the corner.  A mirror with a little aging and patina would fit the bill just right.

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