Apr 4

The 5 Most FAQs for the Month of March

I’m full on having an ADD month.  I start one project, leap to another, tackle the unpacking of one box, grab a paintbrush and splash some color on half a wall, check my email, forget to respond to the message I just read and end the day feeling exhausting and unaccomplished.

Moving.  That’s what’s on my mind. And of course the impending wedding season which is full of flowers.  Ah, flowers.

Through the shuffle and the driving, I’ve had some amazing blog posts run through my head.  But when I actually stop to sit down at a computer.  Poof.  My mind immediately goes numb.  I forget how to form a sentence, proper grammar and all forms of punctuation go out the window.  The three parts of a story – gone.

So today’s post will be in list form, between to-do lists, project lists, packing lists – this just seems fitting to have a blog list. The answers to my 5 most frequently received questions over the last month.  Here’s everything you need to know, even if you really don’t care to know it.

How’s the move?

Such a loaded question.  Moving is hard.  It’s emotional, time consuming and strenuous.  I’m so sick of looking at boxes, wondering where things are and feeling unorganized.  But if I can put all of that aside, it’s really good.  The house is great so far, we’ve had our challenges of being in a rural setting, but overall I think we’re going to be really happy here – if it ever stops snowing.

How’s the new house? Are you getting settled?

See above.  The house is great so far.  A sweet friend texted me today reminding me that even small steps are progress.  But it’s hard.  I really want things done NOW.  Patience is not a strength of mine.

How are the girls adjusting?  Does Gretta like her new room?

Packing and moving an entire house up is hard.  Packing and moving an entire home AND business is harder.  And packing and moving both of those things with two small children is crazy.  What were we thinking??

Gretta is adjusting great.  She loves it.  The first change we made to the house was painting her room pink (actually a subtle blushy white, but it’s pink to her – she is 100% girly girl).  And everyone who comes over gets to see her pink room as the first stop via the Gretta home tour.  Willa June, on the other hand, has been very out of sorts.  I didn’t expect it to be such a struggle for her, I figured she was young enough that the environment change wouldn’t have much of an effect.  I was definitely wrong.  She’s been a little extra clingy and doesn’t seem quite herself.  I think we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with that as the last couple days have been much improved.

What’s the house like?  I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

I don’t think I’ve shared much about the house we bought here so I’ll give you a little history on the home.  (You may remember me contemplating a couple of choices back when I posted this here).  We ended up buying another 1950’s ranch.  It was foreclosed on a couple years back and last January a couple bought it to flip.  They did a ton of work, it’s completely remodeled and brand spanking new – which really isn’t like me at all.  It feel strange not changing things out of pure necessity.  But it’s pretty nice not having all the projects lingering over my head.

I will, however, be adding my own touches to the space.  While the finishes are really high end and the couple who fixed it up did a great job, not everything is completely my style or how I would have done them. My sister summed it up perfectly “it looks really nice, but it doesn’t look like Shelby.”

I’ve had so many people share how eager they are to see what I do to the new house, how I decorate, etc which I think is really funny.  While I love home décor, I’m not an interior designer and have never pretended to be.  I’m just a girl who likes to keep up on style and binge watches Rehab Addict whenever possible.  However, you can follow along with my tweaks and updates #thedaysinteriordesign, just be nice.

One of my favorite parts though is the location.  We have six acres of wooded lands, wild grasses and rickety old fences.  There are birch trees, an apple tree and lots of potential for foraging.  I found a pussy willow a couple days ago.  Chickens live across the road and we’re within walking distance to a little lake.  And the crickets and bullfrogs sang us to sleep on the couple of warm nights we experienced.  I am aching to have the windows open and smell sweet scent of fresh country air.

When does wedding season start?  How is the move affecting business?

These are big questions.  Part A – wedding season starts at the end of this month.  I have a huge wedding April 30th in Grand Rapids and I’m so excited for it.  It’s going to be a beautiful explosion of spring flowers and vibrant colors.

Part B – what many people don’t realize is that even though I previously lived in Grand Rapids, I really didn’t do that many weddings in the city itself.  I think only about 25% or so of my weddings were local.  With that said, I wasn’t really afraid of the move.  I’m closer to my Traverse City/Leelanau brides and it’s not too much further from those Southwest Michigan and lakeshore brides.  And I’m working on having a proper floral studio within my home, which is going to be amazing and help with my workflow and productivity so much.

Willa June | The Day's Design | Moving to Big RapidsPhotography: Justine Simmonds

Last week I stayed up for a couple of late nights painting our living room.  And on Saturday we hosted our first of many family gatherings, this one in celebration of Willa June’s first birthday.  We still have a huge horse trailer full of belongings sitting in our driveway and I’m just trying to take one day at a time.  I think we have finally found reliable internet service, so we feel connected to the world again.  Week three of country living and all is well for the night.

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Note: Just to clarify, I don’t really have ADD – just days I mindlessly hop from one task to another and cannot sit still as I’m overthinking every little piece and project in my life.  Focus Shelby, just focus.


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