Mar 14

Designing a Combination Baby Boy Nursery & Guest Room

Today we’re going to talk about a design challenge. Remember how the cute baby shower I threw for my sister last month? Well now that she has all the cute baby gear, we need to design her space. However, its not quite as simple as just plopping down the items from her baby registry into the room. Due to the size and location of their home, the nursery is going to have to serve dual purpose – it’s going also remain the guest bedroom.

She chose an adorable blue gingham bedding set for the crib, wants to include puppies and also has various other pieces of furniture and full size bedding in the space from it previously being a guest bedroom. There’s lots of space, which means that layout really isn’t an issue. However, the goal is to make it feel somewhat cohesive, using what she already has, not having to purchase too many new items, keeping with her current design style – all while not making guests feel like they’re sleeping in a nursery or there’s a line drawn down the middle of the room.

Enter the first glimpse of an idea below. See the current bedding for the full size brass bed that will remain in the room plus the gingham bedding she has purchased. I started to put together some vibes and get a feel for how things might go together in the space but as you can see those two patterns contrast a lot so it might take a little work.

Nursery and Guest Room Mood Board

It is a rental house, however she is allowed to paint which I haven’t decided if that works in our favor yet or not. Currently the walls are white and it’s a garden level room, which means there isn’t a ton of natural light flooding in. The room has a beige/brown carpet that cannot be changed and wood trim (although just around the doors, the window sills are white marble without additional window trim).

Furniture that she already has and that we plan to keep:

  • white crib
  • large dark wood armoire
  • brass full sized bed
  • shabby chic side table with wood and distressed white paint
  • greige linen look rocking chair

Additional pieces still needed:

  • a dresser that can double as a changing table
  • curtains
  • possibly a rug?
  • some artwork and accent decor

There is a possibility of us changing out the current bedspread. And we’re continuing to expand upon this design board as nothing is set in stone. However the countdown is on, baby boy is scheduled to arrive next month so we’re to continue working on a design plan and I’m heading to her place to help decorate in a couple weeks.

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