Mar 23

A Nursery for Baby Boy | Design Options

Last week I shared that we’re heading to my sister’s house to help her get ready for her new baby boy’s arrival. I also shared a mood board and some details about the nursery. You can see that full post here.

I’ve worked on expanding beyond that mood board and digging deeper into actual design options, playing with paint colors, the possibility of maybe a new comforter and all the options that are actually available in stores right now.

As a quick recap – she lives in a rental so we are a little limited on what we’re allowed to do. She has a large brown armoire, a white crib and a brass bed that currently has black floral bedding on it. She was gifted some soft blue and white gingham crib bedding. The room has to double as not only a nursery, but also a guest room when she has visitors. Our mission is to pull all of this together to make it feel inviting and cohesive while keeping costs very much under control. She’d also like to keep a little bit of a puppy theme when/if possible.

Based on her preferences and the room, here are 4 different directions we could possibly go. (And yes, 4 does seem like a lot, however we originally had 10 so we’ve really narrowed things down quite a bit!)

Option 1

blue and black eclectic boy nursery ideas with puppies

This option uses her existing bedding along with the blue and white gingham pieces she was gifted for the crib. Since there’s such a contrast in the two patterns, we’re aiming to find pieces that fill in some of those mid tones and give the space a collected look. We’ll pull in some black with the curtains, introduce another color with the rug and balance the room with darker artwork across the room from her large armoire (which is staying in the space).

This space doesn’t scream nursery or guest room but pulls the two ideas together and will also grow with the little guy as he grows since it’s not too “baby”.

Option 2

green and black boy nursery ideas with plaid wallpaper

Much like the first option, this one combines the black bedding with the black in the curtains, however we got a little bolder with color choices and pattern play. I’ve introduced the idea of adding some plaid wallpaper either on an accent wall, or ideally in the entire room (however that decision might be finalized by the landlord). We also tied in a green dresser with the area rug. The layered patterns add lots of cozy warmth and overall this room feels very eclectic and charming, I imagine this space filled with little toy trains and footballs.

Option 3

light blue baby boy nursery ideas with gingham crib set

This option is light and airy, with a sweet and charming appeal. It involves new bedding that coordinates with the crib set as well as a softer color area rug, creating a more monochromatic approach. We’d go with a wood dresser to tie in the armoire and keep it from feeling too feminine.

Option 4

blue and green nursery ideas with gingham duvet cover

This one combines keeps some of the soft airiness of the last option while also introducing another color into the mix. As much as I love a room that’s all one color, I personally find it more practical to add in multiple tones because it helps to disguise items that might not perfectly match in the space – such as random gifts or kids toys. Bottom line, it helps hid the clutter because your eye isn’t automatically drawn to the bright object in the room that doesn’t belong. And when it comes to kids’ rooms, there’s almost always something there that doesn’t belong!

Which one would you choose? If you’re interested in the sources for any other these items, they’re all linked in my Shop LTK (linked here) or click on the image and it will take you directly to each item.

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