Mar 10

Our Entryway Mood Board

I’ve had a lot of design ideas on my mind lately and I can’t seem to sort it all out. When this happens with my wedding design clients, I always recommend making mood board, honing in on their vision and then style specific pieces together. This is my attempt to follow my own advice. I’m gathering inspiration, looking at themes and moods and trying to pair all the pieces together so my house flows well – rather than feeling like your jumping from one idea to the next. I want each space to feel individual, yet cohesive.

I have a couple of projects down the pipeline and while I might be a slight premature in pulling inspiration and ideas for them, I really don’t think it hurts to have an idea of where the overall design is headed. Right now, it is March which means the snow is soon to melt, mud season is almost here and we really can’t put off a few upgrades needed to our entryway any longer. We’re at risk of ruining our hardwood floors. However, for me, it’s not as simple as going to the store and just picking up a rug. I don’t want to be at the store picking up another rug again in 2 months, so I’m curating an entire plan now. We’ll start with the floors and then extend upwards.

Our entryway has always been a challenge. It’s small, a strange shape and the main entrance for EVERYONE who comes into our house. It is technically the back door, but our 1920s cottage is built in a way that the front door is pretty much useless unless you’re looking to have a summer cocktail on the porch (which I do highly recommend).

I added a cabinet to disguise our shoe storage awhile back and also added some board and batten which gave a little more interest to the space. However, I think I’m ready to take it a step further.

While these choses have been great, when you walk into the space it feels a little vanilla and not quite as welcoming as I would like. Below I’m sharing a little more of the direction that I’m hoping to take it. I don’t have an entire plan in place yet, but this is the first glimpse into my brain… which will also hopefully help me pick out a new waterproof rug and runner for the stairs.

And if I could get some vines to grow around the doorway on the outside, that would really be the icing on the cake!

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