Dec 28

6 Wedding Trends on the Horizon for 2018

I’m still in awe of the fact that there are only 3 days left in 2017.  So naturally, my mind has starting reflecting on the past year and thinking ahead to 2018.  There’s something so refreshing about January, I feel like it’s full of possibility and its own sense of wonder and sparkle.  By February, I’ll be singing the winter blues, but right now, I’m feeling hopeful for the New Year and thinking of things to come, which includes upcoming wedding trends.

Now with that being said, I’m not going to try to predict the future.  I don’t have a crystal ball and I very much believe that couples should aim to host weddings that truly represent their relationship with one another and their own unique style.   Nevertheless, there are always certain elements of décor and in the planning process that I find myself recreating over and over again throughout the season.

Based on clients I have booked for the year and conversations I’ve had with future brides, this is what I think we’ll see in 2018.  I might be completely off base with my ideas, I purposefully have not read another blog’s décor or wedding trends predictions and so these are just 100% my gut instincts (maybe we’ll circle back at the end of the year and see how I did!)

1. Bye Bye Blush

Since 2014, blush had been the number one color referenced by brides.  While I don’t believe that it’s going to leave us entirely, I am hearing talk about mauves, plums and other purple tones.  There’s lots of talk about neutrals stills, but they seem to be less specific in tone and more concerned about an overall feeling or mood which leaves room for layering and lots of rich colors.

Blush Wedding Flowers | The Day's Design | Samantha James Photography

Photography: Samantha James Photography

2. Hello Purple

I actually starting writing this post before Pantone announced the color of the year will be Ultra Violet.  So I’m feeling really confident in my prediction that we’ll see those hues that I mentioned in my first trend alert.  However, I personally will steer away from such a shockingly bright tone and stick with the more calming end of the spectrum, keeping lavenders, periwinkles and soft purples with lots of depth and color variations in my work.

Plum Weddings | The Day's Design | Ashley Slater Photography

Photography: Ashley Slater Photography

3. Greenery will be King

The past couple years have I have incorporated conspicuous amounts of greenery into my designs and it seems like this trend is continuing on.  It’s such an impactful way to bring the outdoors into your space.  However, I would love to work on some fresh takes with you, thinking beyond just greenery runners.

Greenery Wedding Table | The Day's Design | Kelly Sweet Photography

Photography: Kelly Sweet Photography

4. Focus on the Experience

More than focusing on the décor or specifics of the event, more and more I find couples focusing on making sure that the overall experience of the day is thoughtful and full of celebration.  It’s more about creating an environment that will welcome, a flow that makes sense for both the couple, family and wedding guests and just making sure everyone has a great time, is their #1 priority for the day.

The Wedding Experience | The Day's Design | Samantha James Photography

Photography: Samantha James Photography

5. Incorporating Elements from the Past

I’ve heard so much about vintage weddings in the past 5 years.  Anything from china to mismatched mason jars and rustic “junk” have all become really sought after items for your wedding day.  Last year I feel like I finally saw a shift away from that and I think it will continue.  Now that’s not saying that rustic is “out” or we won’t see any more vintage weddings.  I think we’ll still see lots of elements from the past.

However, I imagine that there will be a shift in the way that they’ll be incorporated.  I find that many brides, and people in general, like to add a sense of nostalgia and tradition to their celebrations.  Because of that, I think we’ll see traditions and vintage pieces incorporated in much more meaningful and subtle ways.  Wax seals instantly take you to eras gone by.  Grandma’s necklace to wear on your wedding day. Heirloom ring boxes (like the one belove, which I’m completely obsessed with).  Wine and whisky barrels and chippy accents will still be used, but paired with modern and tasteful items that do a better job of representing a couple’s personal style.  What I think is disappearing is the blanket phrase that I once heard so many brides say, “I’m having a vintage wedding”. But we’ll definitely be keeping a few timeless pieces from the past.

Vintage Ring Box | The Day's Design | Samantha James Photography

Photography: Samantha James Photography

6. Focus on Simplicity

I feel a minimalist movement approaching.  It’s in life, schedules, belongings and it’s going to seep into our wedding work as well.  I predict lots of white space, arrangements that are open enough to “let a bird fly through” (a little phrase I picked up from my time at Little Flower School) and focusing on the details that will really be appreciated.  I don’t think that texture and organic designs are leaving, I think they were simply opened the doorway to a more minimized wedding attitude.  This more modern approach can be translated into a variety of venues and wedding styles, color useage will be key, and I like the idea of lofts and open, blank canvases and of course keeping nature at the forefront of my inspiration.

Minimal Wedding Design | The Day's Design | Cory Weber Photography

Photography: Cory Weber Photography

I’m really excited to see all that the coming year has in store for weddings and I have still have openings for both floral only and design/planning clients so if you’re planning a 2018 celebration, let’s chat!

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