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2017’s Top Nine

If you follow The Day’s Design on Instagram, then you may have seen me share 2017’s best of nine. These are my nine most loved posts from the year by my followers.  As I was looking through those 9 little squares, I was actually pretty facinated by the results.  There were posts and moments from the year that I had completely forgotten about.  Then I started thinking about what my nine favorite moments would have been from the year.  Maybe they would be things that I’ve shared publically or maybe some that I’ve kept to myself.  Perhaps a camera might not adequately capture the special essense of a particular moment or maybe the picture is more than words could really even say.  What if the results weren’t based on my audience’s favorites but rather my own?  How would the results change?

Thinking back, these are 9 things that stood out in my mind this year.  I numbered them, but try not to get too hung up on the order (except for maybe number 1 &2, I think they need to stay near the top).  These were moments of victory, overcoming doubt, joy and serving myself, my family and my clients well.  2018 will certainly be a contiued journey, full of growth and adventure and lots of love.

9. Jessica’s Wedding

I don’t think I’ve ever had a bride that I didn’t love working with.  Each and every celebration is special in it’s own way.  But this one, it had an extra dose of celebration because, Jessica.  She’s freelanced with me for the past 3 wedding seasons and even become a friend.  So clearly that makes this day amazing because 1. weddings + friends are the best and 2. she loves flowers as much as I do and I got to pick some of the best products March has to offer (I mean, look at those blush ranunculus!).

Ranunculus Bouquet | The Day's Design | Katie Grace Photography

Photography: Katie Grace Photography

8. Cadillac’s Ceiling Installation

Tents provide a blank canvas.  Sometimes white space and the open air is a really good thing, but sometimes, especially if the venue has a permanent tent, it can feel too big and empty because sizing isn’t always 100% correct for the number of items going into the tent, which calls for a little extra finess.  This was my first ceiling installation in a tent and I loved how it turned out.  My husband helped me build a structure, which we then hung over the head table making it the centerpiece of the room.  We adorned it with greenery and hops, which was extra perfect because the groom is a beer blogger! More fun installations for 2018 please!

Head Table Decor | The Day's Design | Ashley Slater Photography

Photography: Ashley Slater Photography

7. Sarah’s Smile

I loved this wedding for many reasons.  The flowers came together perfectly, the colors, the venue, the seersucker bridesmaids dresses, the list really could go on.  But my number one favorite piece of this day was Sarah’s smile.  Smiles like these are the reasons I do what I do and this wedding was just a thankful reminder of why I love my job. There was so much joy and thankfulness present on this day and it was contagious.  I had never met Sarah in person until the wedding day, and she treated me like a long lost firend. She is joy.  I can’t pick a favorite moment or try to perfectly depict it one little square on Instagram but just know it was an amazing day.

Champagne Toast | The Day's Design | Samantha James Photography

Photography: Samantha James Photography

6. Racheal’s Escort Card Display

One of my goals for 2017 was to think outside of the box more.  I wanted to take designs beyond just centerpieces and bouquets, and the most commonly thought of wedding pieces.  This escort sign which I was able to bring to life with Ciarra of Silver Fox Calligraphy, did just that.  We purchased linen fabric in the same hue as the table cloths, Ciarra used white calligraphy on acrylic squares and we fashioned it all together, of course adding florals around the edges.  The behind the scenes construction of this  was one of my top nine Instagram posts for the year and for good reason, this display was one of my favorites ever.

Acrylic Escort Card Display | The Day's Design | Cory Weber Photography

Photography: Cory Weber Photography

5. Tinge Workshop

I have been a long time fan of Tinge Floral.  There are lots of florist who’s work I admire, but she’s definately near the top of my list.  It was about this time last year that I was debating whether or not I should attend her workshop, there was one seat left.  I wanted to so badly but travel with kids is hard, its expensive and I wasn’t sure it made sense.  But my husband said, go.  So with shaky hands I typed my credit card numbers in and that was that. I went.  Attending the Color Theory workshop was the right decision.  I came home inspired, ready to create and vamped up my workflow as I lost a piece of the self doubt that I didn’t even realize I was holding on to.

Photography: Ciara Richardson Photography

4. Backyard Photo Shoot

This was just a little dream of mine.  I love nature and our country home and will show off this space whenever possible.  I often dream of dinner parties at our home and when I began thinking about this photo shoot, I knew this was the space to host it.  Someday, I want to see the seats at this table filled with laughter and smiling faces, but for now I’ll share the scene that waits for friends to come.

Backayard Wedding Inspiration | The Day's Design | Kelly Sweet Photography

Photography: Kelly Sweet Photography

3. My Sister’s Wedding featured in The Knot

My sister got married back in 2016, but her wedding was featured in The Knot Michigan ins 2017.  This definately goes on my highlight reel, for a whole lot of reasons.  (You can see part one of her wedding day here, I know know, part 2 is soon to come!)

The Day's Design featured in The Knot Michigan

2. Anniversary Photos

Always look for a reason to celebrate.  This year, we celebrated 7 years of marriage.  That sounds like such a long time and yet no time at all.  Our wedding photos have become dated and it’s getting harder and harder to find time for just the two of us.  But we took a night and parked the occassion because part of key to a sucessful 7 years of celebrating the milestones and making time for one another.

Anniversary Photos | The Day's Design | Samantha James Photography

Photography: Samantha James Photography

1.I Still Do

This is a moment that I’ve kept pretty quiet about.  It was a special moment that I’ve just let soak in.  I don’t have any pictures (yet!) so I suppose no one really could have possibly voted it as part of my best 9.  After 10 years together and 7 years of marriage, we still do.  My husband chose me all over again and re-proposed in the same location that we hosted our wedding reception.  He had my ring reset (it’s been unwearable for the past 2+ years) and got down on one knee in front of a giant Christmas tree.  Cory Weber was hiding in the background and captured the whole thing!

Just a little 2010 wedding day flashback for you from Shannon Scott Photography until I get a few pictures from that December night back!

2018 is going to be a good year, I can feel it.  I’ve got some projects and ideas up my sleeves, I’ve got some dreams that I’d like to make realities and I do still have some openings for floral and wedding planning clients, so inquiries are welcome.  And in case you’re wondering about my best of nine 9 chosen by The Day’s Design’s Instagram followers, here you go:

The Day's Design Best of Nine

Happy New Year!

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