Aug 27


Team Flower Workshop |  Heather Payne Photography | Waiting

Waiting.  I fear we live in a world where that concept is lost.  It’s old fashioned not to have instant gratification.  It’s rare not to have something new in your hands moments after discovering that you want it.

On Monday, I was sent of preview of what was to be posted on Once Wed this week.  It was all about waiting.  I have waited since May to see the results of the photo shoot which I had a very small role in producing along with my other Team Flower girls.  And it was worth the wait.

“In ancient Hebrew culture when a bride and groom were engaged, there was a time of separation, of waiting. Rather than planning every detail of their wedding day together, the groom needed to leave his bride at her home and go to his father’s house to build a room for he and his bride to live in when they married. She never knew exactly when her groom would return, but she trusted him and waited. This trust brought peace and rest to her mind. In that time she prepared herself for his arrival, fully confident he would return at just the right time.”

The idea of not knowing when something will happen, especially something as big as a wedding, is so foreign.  I feel as though I would explode from the lack of knowledge and constantly living on the edge of my seat, thinking every moment I needed to be prepared, at my best and completely ready.

I must admit, patience is not a strong suit of mine.  But I feel lately that I’ve been sitting here waiting for something – something great, I just don’t know what yet.  I’ve left my blog full of silence this month and I’ve just waited for the perfect thing to share.  And while my month may have been filled with busy, it was also full of questions.  So what’s next?  What exactly am I waiting for?

The above picture is simply a tease, you must see the entire feature starring Kelly Perry of Philosophy Flowers & Heather Payne Photography, along with full vendor credits here.



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