Aug 7

Wedding Color Palettes

Blue Bridal Bouquet | The Day's Design | Sincerely, Ginger Weddings | Eliza Jean Photography

Photo by Eliza Jean Photography

There’s this old way of thinking that some brides still fall prey to when it comes to choosing wedding colors.  Pick 2 colors that you like and that go together.  2 colors – that’s all you get. For everything. Flowers, linens, dresses, ties – everything!

I don’t know where this originated from the 80’s or 90’s or maybe sometime before  – all I can say is it was long before I became a wedding planner and I remember thinking this rule was true when I was a little girl playing dress up.  Friends, I think it’s time that we abolish this rule FOREVER!

Actually, I know this rule is on it’s way out the door, no doubt.  But I still come across the occasional bride that tells me she’s having these two colors, end of story.  So you’re dreaming of a blue and white wedding.  That does not mean everything has to be blue and white.  I will not dye flowers into an unnatural shade of blue for you.  It’s just not meant to be.  Consider adding some natural purple blooms, a pop of blue thistle and maybe a couple of white buds with some greenery.  Create a color story.  Consider not focusing exclusively on the colors themselves, but the overall feeling of the event.

And then consider you’re space.  Like it or not, the room, venue, or area you decide to get married in, take pictures in, and dance the night away in will have a HUGE impact on the overall color scheme and the mood that is set with your event.  That hideous burgundy carpet – you will notice it.  Find a way to make it work and blend with your scheme.  Sometime ignoring it will make it stand out even more.    It’s like those pictures where one of these things is not like the other…

Trust your designers to make everything flow together and be open to slightly “outside of the box ideas”.  They know the touches that make the biggest impact and have an excellent eye for color – or at least I like to think I do!  Colors just make me happy and I want you to be happy too!



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