Sep 3

All in the Details

As wedding season seems to have flown past, I’ve observed many tips and trips simply by trial and error that I’m really excited to share with you in the upcoming months.  One of the biggest things that has been on my mind lately though is the details.  You know, all those agonizing little pieces of the wedding day that you spend hour and hours debating, contemplating and Pinteresting.

Tea Party Wedding Invitations | The Day's Design | Creative Montage

I love hearing what a bride has in store or coming up with creative ways to help a bride display items, bring some personality into her day and tie all those final touches together.  We’re talking ribbon selections for the bouquets, escort cards, linen, favors, hankies, bowties, shoes and the list goes on and on.  Weddings are full of details.  It’s pretty rare for a bride who has hired me not to care about these things.  The memory of these details is sure to fade, do you want to remember?

Tea Party Wedding Details | The Day's Design

With the majority of my clients this year being partial planning or floral only, I haven’t had the opportunity to assist many of my couples with selecting their photographers, which is usually one of the first vendors hired.  Interestingly enough, the photographers hired aren’t always ones that love details as much as the brides.  Different photographers have different styles and focus more on various aspects of the wedding day.

So how do you hire a photographer that loves details?  Look at a photographer’s portfolio – are they capturing the cute signs the flowergirls are carrying down the aisle?  Can you get a sense of the story of the day from their galleries or do they focus more on portrait and candid photography?  Sure they might have a couple of ring shots in their portfolio, but do they schedule a time to get pictures of the entire ceremony or reception before the guests have been seated, drinks have been spilled and flowers have wilted?  Are they going to arrive at the reception beforehand to see the escort card display?  Are they arriving early enough in the wedding day to get pictures of your gorgeous shoes before you’ve walked through the grass?  Do they have a second shooter to help capture some of these extra shots?  How balanced are their wedding albums?

Vintage Inspired Tea party | The Day's Design | Bradley James Photography

It’s completely unrealistic to list every detail that you want photographed but if you want the majority of them captured, then be sure to make these wishes known.  You’ve spent time and money on these pieces of your day, so why not have them captured in an artful way?  I love this post from Ashley Slater Photography talking about detail shots – great tips for photographers, wedding pros and brides alike!


All wedding details above captured by Bradley James Photography.



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