Feb 7

Three Wishes Inspired by Venues

I’m still holding firm that if you put good wishes out into the world, good things will come your way.  Or at least it can’t hurt.

I had starting this three wishes series as a way for me to get inspired and share those inspirations with you.  I have lots of wishes, most of which will never come true, and that’s perfectly alright.  It’s still fun to dream.  Lately, however, I’ve felt completely uninspired.  I’m not sure if it’s winter that seems to be bearing down on us or the fact that I haven’t made a bridal bouquet since October.   Sometimes I think it’s really hard to stay inspired when we’re all just hunkered down on the sofa, wrapped in blankets and simply hoping that I won’t have to leave the house today.  This is the time that I begin to dream of faraway places…

….and places that are a little less distant, where I might really like to work and design events.

  1. Greencrest Manor

This French Normandy style mansion, with it’s trailing ivy and extensive gardens has captured my imagination.  I had the opportunity to be a part of the Bloom Workshop hosted there last September and am hoping that someone gives me the chance to return.

This venue really hits all of my favorite marks.  It has a grand staircase that’s enough to take one’s breathe away.  It’s overflowing with early 20th century woodwork, tile and charms.  The gardens and the architecture look like something from the European countryside and I’m in disbelief that such a place actually exists here in my own state.  It was such a brief time spent at this venue, I’m just hoping I have the good fortune soon to go back and bring with my buckets of flowers galore.

Greencrest Manor | The Day's Design | Stephanie Abbot Photography

From Bloom the Workshop | Photography by Stephanie Abbitt Photography | Floral Design: The Day’s Design

  1. The Old Art Building

On a slightly less grand scale is the Old Art Building.  If you’ve been reading this journal for any length of time at all, then you probably already know why my heart is drawn to this quaint little spot on the Carp River.  From the outside, it’s manicured lawn and cottage charm are enough to stop right there.  But then, you step in the door and feel the rush of decades of artists pouring their souls into the place.  the scaling windows and stone fireplace add just the perfect blend of ambiance and natural light.  The softly whitewashed walls splattered with old paint, each spill telling a tale of it’s own, this might just be my favorite part.

My own wedding reception took place in the space.  I couldn’t imagine and more perfect location.  However, I have yet to have the occasion to work another event there.  I have stopped in and even hosted a editorial styled shoot in the space, all while yearning to design another real wedding in this space.

The Old Art Building | The Day's Deisgn | Cory Weber Photography

Photography: Cory Weber Photography | Floral Design: The Day’s Design | Venue: The Old Art Building in Leland, Michigan| Rentals: Serradella Vintage | Dress: One Oak Bride | Hair & Makeup: On-Site Bridal

  1. Foreign Destinations

There are so many places outside of my home state to explore, and I am eager to embrace them all.  I’ve traveled with buckets and blooms in tow before and would love to do it again.  I’m seeking adventure and know there are so many places that I have yet to experience.  From the mountains of the Carolinas to the old world charms of Europe, I’d love to plan an event at a Southern plantation or travel half way around the world to explore the flower markets of France.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, hiring a local florist can be a great benefit – they know the area, what’s available and most likely have their routine down pat.  However, bringing in a fresh set of eyes, someone whose style you know and trust, can bring a fresh new life to the space.  It can give you a peace of mind and a comfort from home.  I was recently chatting with a bride who reminded me of such a great point, a point that I know but sometimes as you’re in the flow of business and chugging along you forget some of your ‘selling points’.  She says (I’m paraphrasing a little here), she doesn’t want to hire a florist for her wedding that was sort of close to her style and ask them to step outside of their norm, creating something they were uncomfortable with but what more fitting with her vision.  She’d rather hire someone from an outside area, that she’s 100% confident in their style and work.  Makes sense, right?

Not every designer out there has the itch to travel or will work outside of a certain range of their studio space.  But many will, myself included.

Distant Beaches | Destination Weddings | The Day's Design

Photography: Kelly Sweet Photography

What venues are you dreaming of?  Where do you want to travel to?  And how is your wedding planning coming along?  I still have openings for 2018 and am starting to book 2019 dates as well.  Let’s chat.


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