Jan 31

6 of My Favorite Ceramic Finds

I used to do nearly all of my shopping in person.  I like to touch and feel and I like the experience of actually visiting a store.  Places like TJ Maxx, Homegoods and my favorite thrift and antique stores are my most shopped places – all places where online shopping isn’t really a possibility.

However, our recent relocation has changed a lot of that.  Amazon Prime is my best friend and I rely so much more on the advice of other shoppers, instagramers and bloggers to find hidden online treasures.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely take advantage of any time I get to make an actual, real life Homegoods or Target run but those trips are few and far between.

I wanted to share a few of the home décor items I’ve been crushing on, via the internet and shopping vicariously through other people.  While if I had to top choice of décor styles and were to start redecorating my life all over again, I would say that French Country is probably my favorite and at the top of my stylistic list.  But that being said, I’m very picky and I believe that it has to be done “right” and I really only like it in the perfect setting – a quaint little French style home in the country.  That does not even come close to describing my house.

I also love all of the farmhouse and cottage décor that seems to be all the rage at the moment.  But again, sometimes I struggle with seeing farmhouse décor in a non-farmhouse setting.  That’s not a blanket statement to say that anyone living in the city cannot pull off that style, but it’s tricky.  I like things to feel authentic and as if they belong.

All that being said, we do live in the country and so I feel like I have the right to incorporate some rustic and country inspired finds.  I also am loving so much of the minimalistic style choices that I’ve seen lately and love things that are crafted by an artists’ own two hands.  My goal in our current home is to combine the items that I love, in a style that fits our home and family, decorating while also keeping thing functional and not overly cluttered but still layered an inviting and cozy.  That all makes sense, right?

Continuing on with the purpose of this post was to share a few of my favorite finds lately.  And lately my crush has been on pottery and ceramics.  I’m trying to get more of my brides to incorporate them into their centerpieces, but without much avail.  However, I’m still going to pursue this and at least share the ones that I think you should add to your home.  From big box stores to handmade pieces, these are some of my favorite finds – which also go with so many décor styles – farmhouse, modern and minimalistic, boho and even more traditional vibes.

1.The White Hearth

I follow their work on Instagram and I’m so in love with the simplicity and the mark of a true artist.  Admittedly, I have not held any of their pieces in my hands but I would absolutely love to.  Pottery always reminds my of my grandma, she loved chunky, blue and green pottery and stoneware pieces and often we shopped for it together.  So perhaps I love this so much because of the since of nostalgia it brings but somehow I don’t think that it.  I mean just look at this butter dish, the perfectly imperfect blue green vase  or this adorable gold rimmed ring dish.  How can you not love it all??

The White Hearth

Image via The White Hearth Instagram

2. Rico Terre

Maybe it’s just because I love flowers and have a little obsession with flower frogs, but I think everyone should have these little bowls in their homes.  For some reason, I envision the little worm from Sesame Street (you know, Oscar’s little pet) making a home in one of these little holes and weaving himself through, head and tale popping out opposite sides.  I also love their sleek terra cotta taper candle holders, which are each handmade on a potter’s wheel,  and would absolutely love to own a set.

Rico Terra | terra+cotta+frog

Image via Rico Terra 

3. Pottery Barn Bowls

Yes, I’m skipping along to a big box store.  But who doesn’t love Pottery Barn???  That is one of my centerpieces pictured below in a Pottery Barn bowl, because I will and do think outside of the box and am certainly not opposed to putting flowers in a cereal bowl.  I’ve been watching for them to go on sale because I want to buy more and recreate this look again.  And as I happen to be writing this post and looking up this particular product, they just happen to be $10 off.  Temptation, tempation…

Pottery Barn Bowl | The Day's Design | Samantha James Photography

Photography: Samantha James Photography

4. World Market Budvases

They’re lumpy and quirky and I have lots of them which I’ll be using this summer wedding season.  I am smitten with these vases.  I used them in my personal winter decor with simple sprigs of evergreen or lunaria poking out and cannot wait to use them over and over again.  They come in several sizes, pair the mini ones together perfectly or cluster them all together in a larger group.

World Market Ceramic Budvase

Image via World Market

5. Crate and Barrel Candle Holders

These caught my attention because of the versitility of use.  They hold either a pillar candle or a taper and the tray is also wide enough to accomodate a glass hurricane or super pretty left alone, if you’re comfortable with having an open flame. This have been added to my rental collection and I cannot wait to use them in my first wedding of the season, and I’m sure they’ll make an appearance in my home decor as well.

White Crate and Barrel Candle Holders

Image via Crate & Barrel

6. D:Ceramics

I was introduced to these beauties when I was at the Tinge Floral Workshop last spring and they’ve been stuck in my mind ever since.  In a word, they’re striking.  The color is subtle yet statement worthy and they’re gorgeous in an arrangement or on their own.  I loved the silky and luxurious, matte finish.  There are so many shapes and sizes to choose from.  You should probably check out their website and stocklist so you can add some hand crafted pieces to your collection.

Tinge Workshop | Ceramic Vases | D Ceramics

Photography by Ciara Richardson Photography from Color Theory Workshop Park City

What other ceramic pieces are you loving right now?  I’m always intersted in finding new art to add into both my home and event decor.




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