Oct 18

Three Wishes Inspired by Wedding Design

Sometimes I think we need to put our ideas on paper, share them with the universe and hope that maybe someday our wishes will come true.  For me, these wishes come in many forms but today I’m thinking mainly of the wedding schemes and designs that I have in my head that no one has let me create for them yet.

I’m going to share these ideas – brides you better not steal them and hire another designer, I will be crushed!  I’m sharing these ideas to inspire, get us all out of our creative comfort zones and to think about the world of weddings in a way beyond what Pinterest has to offer.

  1. September’s Patina

You know that gritty, aqua and seafoam shade that real copper begins to take on as is gets better with age?  It’s one of my favorite concepts that I’ve ever wanted to design an event around and I’ve been inspired by it for years now and no one has let me bring this vision of mine to life.  I want to use raw and organic textures, shimming copper and old antiqued treasures together.  I want to make seafoam napkins pop in contrast to almost orange foliage and garden roses with autumn leaves.  I envision textured linens with the earthy fragrance of fall in the air.  I could build an entire idea around copper foliage and yellowing leaves, omitting the burgundy and blush tones that we’ve seen so much in current autumn trends.  If I were to get married again, right now in the fall, this is how I would make it happen.

  1. Organic Stripes

I love stripes.  I think they’re bold yet timeless.  They’re crisp and clean and yet can be whimsical and create amazing movement in a design.  I’ve rarely come across a striped piece furniture or fabric that didn’t make me stop and linger for a least a minute, so just think of the impression if could have on your guests?  I also love things that provide lots of contrast and make audacious statements.  So not only do I want to do a striped wedding, but I want to do one with extremely organic and loose florals.  I want sticks and twigs incorporated into the design to add more lines, making it geometrical, but in nature’s true form.  I see doing all of this with a muted palette, lots of earthy, tone and tone hues of oatmeal, charcoal and then maybe pulling a more saturated pop of color from the venue or the natural surroundings of the day.

Striped Wedding | The Day's Design

Above I used some stripes in a tablescape I designed for Shoot Simply Workshop with Emilee Mae Photography, but I’d love to use them in an actual wedding design. 

  1. Queen Anne’s Dance

Last august I was so inspired by the fields and fields of Queen Anne’s lace that took over the landscape.  I love each delicate blossom and the bounty of blooms was unbelievable.  They’re so whimsical and I see them so often incorporated into rustic events as a secondary or accent flower, but I want to design a wedding or perhaps even just a photo shoot, with this being the only flower.  I see rows of them gracefully dancing down an aisle border.  Little flower frogs atop long guests tables with clusters of lacy blooms.  I could even see trying to create some sort of white and fluffy hanging installation to drape over the bride and groom’s heads.  Again, I’m seeking contrast so I want to take Queen Anne away from her rustic, countryside roots and do all of this in a modern, loft type setting, maybe even throwing in some ghost chairs or other acrylic accents.

Those are three ideas that have been on my mind lately.  I thought it could inspire you or maybe even encourage you to let me design your wedding??  This is going to be a new series of posts that I start, 3 wishes – whether they’re venues, flowers, vendors… or just other ideas that I can’t seem to get out of my mind.  Maybe someone else is secretly holding onto this same wish.


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