Nov 13

The White Wedding Dress

Simple, clean, elegant and timeless – white has been the go-to color for the modern bride.  Whether lace or taffeta, short or long, it seems hard for us to imagine a decade when the bride didn’t wear white.  But this tradition really hasn’t been in fashion as long as one might think.

Throughout history brides have worn the best they could afford to celebrate their union in life.  From the richest fabrics to their Sunday best, the dress should always represent their families and class in a favorable light.  It wasn’t until 1840 when Queen Victoria wed her groom in a white gown, accented with her favorite lace, which really set the tradition. Her wedding photographs were greatly published for that era and we all know how royalty sets the trends.

Around the 1920s the idea began that white represents virginity.  Prior to this, blue had been the color that represented purity, although it never was extremely common in bridal fashions.

I have actually talked to brides who felt that they might be “judged” if they swayed from tradition and did not wear some form of white.  Then there are those who feel to wear white is to wear a lie.  But here’s what I think.  I think white and ivory are classic and traditional choices that are simply stunning.  I believe if you find a pink gown that screams your name, then you should wear it proudly.  I also believe that it should be of no concern to the public whether you are a virginal bride or not.  That is a highly personal matter between you and your spouse and you shouldn’t be forced to label yourself one way or another.  A wedding is a celebration of love… so dress in a color that makes you celebrate!

Black Wedding Dress

Conceptualisation, Styling & Flowers: Fleur le Cordeur |Production and Coordination: Celeste Styled Events |Hair & Make-up: Marli Basson |Cake: Edible Art Cakes |Dresses: Kobus Dippenaar |Venue: Diamant Estate |Model: Marize Louw Groenewald |Photographer: Catherine Mac

I found this inspiration over on The Pretty Blog yesterday and it took my breath away!  Would you consider wearing black on your wedding day?  You can see the whole shoot here.  And if you’d like to read a little more history on the modern wedding dress, you can do so here.


  1. Tracy Park says:

    Love the dress and flowers soooo yummy!

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