Nov 11

How to be an Amazing Bridesmaid

As the holidays approach, it means engagement season is just around the corner.  Engagement season?  Yes!!  That magical span of months which bring romantic evenings, warming your toes by the fire and lots of new sparkly bling.  Just watch your social media feeds, you’re about to get bombarded!

Maybe you’re one of the lovely ladies looking for that small box under the tree, but if not, that doesn’t mean that it won’t affect you in some way.  Perhaps you will be asked another question – “Will you be my bridesmaid??”

She’s your friend, you love her, and you want to party so… “Yes!!”  The soon-to-be bride then starts rattling off a list of dates, ideas and itineraries… what did you just get yourself into?

Being an amazing bridesmaid means a bit more than just putting on a dress (which you may or may not like) and showing up a couple hours before the wedding for some extra pictures.  Your responsibilities last throughout the engagement period, which may last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years, so be prepared.


Photo by Bradley James Photography

You are now the bride’s backbone and support.  You have become a sounding board for all wedding planning ideas.  Stay interested and involved, soak up all these wedding planning tips, your turn might just be next!

Being a bridesmaid can also be a costly endeavor.  You may be asked to purchase shoes, jewelry and accessories in addition to your dress.  The bride may request that you have your hair and make-up professionally done.  Tack a nail appointment on top of that.  And then prior to any of this, there are showers (possibly multiple), which require planning and gifts and the bachelorette party.  You are expected to be present with a present.  Oh, and don’t forget about possible travel fees.  Make sure you budget accordingly.

Can’t make it to one of these occasions?  It is okay, life happens, but the bride needs to know you’re thinking about her.  Send your gift with someone else.  Call that night to see how everything went.  Plan a special lunch date for just the two of you to give her the shower gift.  Whatever you do, don’t just blow it off.  It might just be another shower to you, but it’s really special to her and so remind her how much you love her.

I like to think of the engagement period as The Princess Months.  This is the time in a girl’s life when she gets to act like a princess, and we all treat her like one as well.  She can do no wrong (even if she is an absolute bridezilla), just nod and smile and make her dreams come true.  Make it really special for her.  Have flowers waiting at the bridal shop at her dress fitting.  Send her “thinking of you” notes – I prefer snail mail. Or just surprise her with something special.  And don’t forget to have fun!!

So make merry with your special ladies as this is a once in a lifetime celebration!!



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