Nov 26

The Birthday Challenge

Guess what?!  Miss Gretta is officially 1 year old today!  I can’t even believe it!!  Margaretta James Ferguson, 6 lbs 13 oz, she was born at 11:32 pm on this chilly November day!

Gretta 5 months

Which leads me into my next question, have you read about the contentment challenge?  It is really inspiring me and has helped to focus on needs and necessities verse wants.  Let’s face it, as Americans we are blessed with so much.  Due to current circumstances Josh and I pretty much practice a bare bones living.  Now that does not mean we don’t splurge or do something special now and again.  But as of late, our spending habits are not very frivolous.

In addition, I have really been focusing on “Do what you can with what you have” – another piece of advice passed along to me that keeps ringing through my head.  I know it’s the time of year where we are all supposed to be thankful, which I am, but this goes beyond that.  It’s an ache in my heart.  And at one time it was focus of my business.  When I began, my hope was to prove that you don’t need an unlimited wedding budget to have a beautiful day.  And you definitely don’t need to drive yourself into debt doing so.  There’s something to be said about creating a simply pretty event.   There’s an art to it.

With all this in mind, I am busy busy with my next project.  It’s a very special party for my little birthday girl.  My challenge has been creating an amazing party (which I am well aware that she will not remember – but I have to do it anyway!) without spending any money.  Alright, I will admit, I’m going to spend a little, people need plates and napkins and I can’t resist putting together some beautiful blooms, but beyond that, everything has been created from things laying around the house.  Recycle, reuse and spray-paint!!  It is sort of my own version of the contentment challenge, The Birthday Challenge.  This is a very peaceful mindset and I cannot wait to share the results of the party, as well as this challenge as suddenly I feel like I am able to look at my humble house with new eyes.

In case I don’t have another chance to blog again this week, have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!


The above photo was Gretta at 5 months, from Hetler Photography.  I think it’s time for some new ones, don’t you???

  1. Velma Cross says:

    I do hope you will post picture for me to see when the party is over. I love you all and will miss not being there for this special event. Happy Birthday Gretta, Great Grandma Cross loves you very much. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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