Dec 2

Happy December

New Years 2014 wedding ideas

Happy December!!  It’s here the month I wait all year for.  It’s time for the magic and warmth that the holidays bring and the feeling of thankfulness that carries over from November.  I have so much to be thankful for, despite me not having jumped on the 30 days of thankful bandwagon, that doesn’t mean that I do feel it or recognize what God has blessed me with.

I feel like December is the month for wrapping up the old and starting fresh with the new.  Not that there was anything wrong with 2013, but I’m excited for a fresh start and new hopes and promises that 2014 bring.  Is there anything you’d like to see more of from The Day’s Design in 2014???

I’m compiling a list of things that I would like to update and some things that will likely remain to the same in 2014.  I’m working with consistency, updating the website a tad and a couple fun new ideas that are scheduled to happen even before we ring in 2014.  So my goals for December?  Live life to the fullest, keep on trucking and enjoy the holidays… even if there is lots of work in the mix!!


Photo by Hetler Photography, xoxo


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