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White Dining Room Makeover

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I decorate and rearrange items in our home constantly.  While the changing season are always a great excuse for a fresh start, I also find myself updating decor pieces just because.  As such, I never feel like I’ve finished a space.  There’s always another project to tackle.  I like to live in a room before […]

“Before We Go” Home Tour

Sep 18

Home Decor

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Dining Room Before & After | The Day's Design | Hetler Photography

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Had I known what I know now, I might have thought about things a touch differently when we purchased a home.  However, at that time I had no intention of starting my own business, much less a business that involved schlepping around beautiful blooms for a living.  I might have looked for a house with […]

Touring Our 1950’s Ranch :: The Dining Room aka The Flower Studio

Feb 3

Life Adventures

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