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Touring Our 1950’s Ranch :: The Dining Room aka The Flower Studio

Had I known what I know now, I might have thought about things a touch differently when we purchased a home.  However, at that time I had no intention of starting my own business, much less a business that involved schlepping around beautiful blooms for a living.  I might have looked for a house with more space, an extra room or perhaps an outbuilding.  I might have wanted a workspace near a water source.  Air-conditioning or cooler space potential would have been of the upmost importance.   I looked for none of those things.

Instead, I remodeled what once was an extra family room and turned it into a formal dining room.  We love to entertain and host dinner parties whenever possible, so it seemed like a room to accommodate that would be much more useful than a second living area.  We ripped up the berber carpet, tore out the built-ins and opened up the space making it perfect to fulfill my childhood dream of owning a crystal chandelier.   And until I just found these old pictures, I had completely forgotten that we also added french doors and had to level the floor (that door in the corner originally didn’t even open all the way they were so uneven – and an absolute nightmare!)  It’s amazing to go see all the progress over time, it hardly looks like the same home.  Of course it also doesn’t help that the previous owners had a little different taste in furnishings than I do 😉

Formal Dining Room Before | The Day's Design IMG_0982

Perhaps had I realized this room would ultimately be used as my floral studio I may have left the shelving.  Hindsight is 20/20.  They sure would have come in handy this summer.  As flowers came in and each wedding order progressively got larger, I moved out of my kitchen and into the dining room.  That shelf there in the corner held binders and flower books and was never beautifully styled.  Boxes and trinkets for each one of my brides made it nearly impossible to walk though at times.  And the buckets and buckets overflowing with blooms made me happier than you can ever imagine.

Formal Dining Room Before & After | The Day's Design | Hetler PhotographyWine Bar | Formal Dining Room | The Day's Design | Hetler PhotographyVintage Barware | Dining Room Remodel | The Day's Design | Hetler PhotographyPhotography: Hetler Photography

If you missed the beginning of the tour, you can see the living room here and the kitchen here.  Welcome to our little home!

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