Jul 22

Silence on the Social Front

It saddens me that nearly a month has passed since my last post.  I love blogging.  I love sharing tidbits, advice and thoughts about weddings and life in general with all my amazing readers.  So when busy takes over and I cannot find a moment to clear my head, write a sentence or much less format a post that’s worth reading, I find myself a little depressed.

It all comes down to priorities.  I’m still dreaming of flowers, ribbons and foraging for the most perfect accents for each and every bridal bouquet.  I am scheming up designs, laying out floor plans, creating flower recipes and timelines.  But being a wedding planner is a selfless profession.  It takes an enormous amount of dedication to each and every couple.  It’s their needs that are put first, not my own.  While I try to find balance in as many places as I possibly can, I always know that my clients come first.  It’s their once in a lifetime experience that’s important, not my need to share what I’m up to with the world.

To the outside world, when things become quiet on the social media front it appears that we are doing nothing, we’re not busy and have little to share.  To anyone in the wedding industry, we know that this is when we’re our busiest making wedding dreams come true.

Here’s just a peak at one of those dreamy days that we were honored to be a part of.  Wishing the happiest of marriages to Hallie and Eric.

Ludington Wedding | The Day's Design | Bradley James Photography

Photo by Bradley James Photography, from our wedding together last weekend in Ludington. 



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