Aug 6

Adventures of Kitty & BFF

Nelly | The Day's Design

Coordination is the name of the game. I have been up to my eyeballs in details lately.  I have organized my little heart out.  Typed lists for vendors. Written lists for baby sitters.  Jammed 22 centerpieces, 8 bouquets, 4 crates, table numbers, suitcases, emergency kits and more into my tiny little Tahoe.  I have coordinated 3 different baby sitters, packed bottles, blankies and formula.  I have outlined wedding day timelines and Willa June’s feeding schedule.  I packed an emergency kit and emergency snacks for Gretta.  Cell phones, Walkie Talkies and car keys all come along for the ride (all to be misplaced an outrageous number of times throughout any given day).  Dog sitters, nannies, Grandmas and husband keep life on track at home.  I’ve bought more greenhouse plants, made emergency trips to the flower market and dealt with more humidity and wind related issues that I ever care to sweat about again.  My mantra through it all – “Someone can plan the perfect event, but it certainly isn’t me”.  Truth.

I’m always preparing for the unexpected.  I warn every client that something – be it big or small – will go wrong on their wedding day.  There’s always a hiccup in the plan.  You’re hiring me to manage that glitch.

I’ve just about reached that half way mark throw the wedding season.  And to be honest, I’m ready for a teeny break and think it’s time for a bit of comic relief.  This is where my bff is always sure to deliver.  Friends always know what you need, don’t they?  So without further ado, let me tell you about the detail that I failed to consider and definitely did not coordinate.

It was about 11:30 pm the night before my Traverse City wedding.  I, for once, found myself already in bed, preparing to get a good night’s sleep prior to tomorrow’s busy wedding day.  I then received this text, “I found the Caption”.  Confused, I didn’t respond right away.  {Caption = the extremely offensive and not even close to being politically correct abbreviated term of endearment we use for our cat, Caption Retard}

The message was then follow up with a screen shot that read, “Ugh, I don’t know what to do.  I can’t find her.  Went under the deck… treats not working!”

The came my husband’s reply “Hmmm… You can try my toothbrush.  It’s an electric one in the bathroom closet.  Every night when I brush my teeth she comes running and tries to nuzzle it… Kinda weird, I know.  But, could work?”

Let me paint this picture for you.  My bff was at my house watching the girls for a brief moment before Grandma came to pick them up.  Upon their departure, she helped herself to a glass of wine and made herself to home.  During this time, Nelly (our cat’s real name) figured out how to open the screen door and let herself outside.  When discovering this, my extremely allergic, cat hating bff searches in desperation and runs circles around our house crying out “Kitty” (because no one ever remembers her real name) with a toothbrush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.  All to no avail.

Moral of the story?  Plan for everything, you never know what wedding day shenanigans might take place… and lock the screen door.  The scenario still has me laughing.  And Nelly is now safe, back at home.




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