Jun 16

Oh Dad..

Father of the Bride | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott Photography

Photo by Shannon Scott Photography

What would the world be like without Dads?  I cannot even begin to fathom where I might be without mine.  This amazing man helps feed my crazy… with his own crazy!!  And while I know he doesn’t have Facebook, has probably never been on my blog and has no idea what Instagram is… he still needs this recognition.  My dad has told me “No,” countless times, only to come back an hour later with blueprints in hand on how to make my “crazy” happen.  And then he steps it up a notch, inspiring me to be even better.

So anytime I have an idea or inspiration or need to talk a business idea through, I go straight to Dad.  Or if my project requires power tools that seem a bit too powerful to me (I have this totally irrational fear of losing my fingers!), to Dad I go and he makes it happen for me.  Thanks for all your support, for showing me all the things that girls need to know and for making sure I always owned more tools than my boyfriends!




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