Jun 17

A Blank Canvas

Bloom the Workshop | The Day's Design | Ashley Slatler Photography

We just sold our huge dining room set.  It was a solid maple Ethan Allen table which easily expanded to seat 10 people, along with a huge matching hutch.  It was pretty – but it wasn’t right for me.  It was so nice that I was scared to touch it and would panic every time guests came to dinner.  Considering Hubby is a chef and we love to host dinner parties, this is pretty ridiculous, right?

It’s funny how having an empty dining room is a huge weight off my shoulders.  It seems so airy and bright, open to new possibilities and full of freshness.

So what’s next?  Well that’s the thing, I don’t have to have it all figured out just yet.  Possibly a new office space which could then easily be turned dining room when the occasional presents itself?  Or maybe a better place to craft, put together awesome event details and florals?  I don’t know.

My previous visions of a new creative space for me aren’t falling into place exactly as planned.  There are some hiccups in the scheming of the basement remodel.  As a planner, this is sometimes hard to swallow.  Sometimes it’s hard to admit that I don’t have a plan or my plans changed.  But here’s what I’ve come to realize – first off, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.  And secondly, I plan ALL THE TIME, it’s just what I do.  I don’t think there’s ever a moment in time where some sort of creative vision isn’t floating through my head.  But I don’t bring them all to life.  That doesn’t make me a failure and I’m still awesome with my craft.  It just makes me human.

I was reminded of this last Friday as I sat in a room with about 35 other woman who are just trying to figure out their craft, hone their visions and find the right fit and purpose for them.  They don’t have it all figured out yet, some are searching for website and social media answers while some are still trying to figure out what they were put on this earth to accomplish.  Just because they haven’t figured it out yet doesn’t mean that I don’t respect them or think of them as less of a person or business woman.  It just reminded me that this is a constant journey for everyone and I don’t have to feel 100% on top of my game every single moment in time.  I should probably cut myself some slack.

For the moment I have a big blank canvas in front of me.  And I love it.


Just a little sneak peek from Ashley Slater Photography of  Bloom the Workshop last Friday — the styled shoot portion was so much fun, I loved creating these florals for Michaela’s beautiful tabletop.


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