Jun 19

Happy Anniversary

On June 19, 2010 I said “I do” to my hubby — if only then I had realized the journey that we would sure to begin.  It’s been full of struggles, laughter, the craziness of buying a house and meeting our beautiful little girl.  A wild ride doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Leelanau Wedding | The Day's Design

But today I thought I could share a little about my “fairytale wedding”, since it’s something I am quite frequently asked about.  I think there’s this common curiosity about the life and romance of anyone who is involved in the wedding industry and perhaps even an expectation that somehow they’re destine to be more romantic, more thoughtful and have “better parties”.  Please push all of these preconceived notions aside as I share my wedding day.

The ceremony took place at my grandparent’s house on Lake Leelanau.  I was a crazy bride who felt like she had something to prove.  I wasn’t yet an event planner, but I was on my journey to being one and knew that was my end goal.  So I thought I had to do everything myself and I diy-ed my little heart out to the point of exhaustion, including my own wedding flowers — but that I wouldn’t have any other way.

Lake Leelanau wedding | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott Photography

Lake Leelanau Wedding | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott Photography

Flower by The Day's Design | Lake Leelanau Florist | The Day's Design

Approximately 80 guests were greeted with a perfect, partly sunny, 75 degree day.  We simply could not have asked for a nicer afternoon.  And right there on the shores of Lake Leelanau I vowed to make Hubby mine, forever and always.

Lake Leelanau Bride | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott Photography

Lake Leelanau wedding | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott Photography

Lake Leelanau Wedding | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott Photography

Exchanging Rings | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott Photography

We didn’t write our own vows.  We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.  It was a pretty traditional ceremony.  And to be honest, I can’t remember all the details in perfect clarity, although looking through these pictures is definitely bring back some memories from the day.

Wedding Exit | Lake Leelanau Wedding | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott Photography

I was determined to have great “exit” photos.  So the guest threw birdseed.  I had birdseed down my dress until I laid my head down on my pillow that night.

After the ceremony, we were fortunate enough to schedule lots of time for pictures which also allowed our family and friends to explore a little of Leelanau’s beauty before cocktail hour.  It also gave us a few minutes of alone time which is so valuable on your wedding day.  We took a trolley into Leland, which is where the reception would be held, and it’s so conveniently located to Fishtown and Lake Michigan – 2 must have spots for pictures.

Leelanau Wedding Trolley | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott Photography

Wedding on Lake Michigan | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott Photography

Leland Wedding | The Day's Design

Beach Wedding | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott Photography

The shores of Lake Michigan will forever own my heart.  Leelanau is truly my home away from home, and it was so special to share such a sacred place with all of our friends and family and celebrate there.  It now holds even more meaning and while I’m definitely a sentimental person, I would highly recommend to anyone host your wedding in a place the feels like home, that feels like where you want to be and where you want your forever to begin.

Centerpiece | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott Photography

Wedding at The Old Art Building | The Day's Design | Shannon Scott Photoraphy

Catering by Kelly’s did an amazing job serving our guest a local feast.  The Old Art Building was an absolutely perfect back drop for our reception.  And a huge thank you is owed to everyone who helped bring our day to life 4 years ago.

But the details and memories fade.  Some of the faces in these photos have now left us.  Time moves forward.  So I think we just need to remember to keep everything in perspective and always keep in mind the goal at the end of the day is to be married.  To have that person that you want to spend the rest of your life with by your side.

Old Art Building Wedding | The Day's Design

It’s not about the cake, the dress, the decorations — which are all details I love.  It’s about the one you can’t live without.  The one you want to spend your forever with.

Lake Michigan Wedding | The Day's Design

Photography:  Shannon Scott Photography /  Design & Flowers:  The Day’s Design  /  Ceremony location: Private Residence on Lake Leelanau  /  Reception Location:  The Old Art Building  /  Catering:  Catering by Kelly’s  /  Cake:  Dana Wilmer-Lucus  /  DJ:  Moments in Time  /  Dress:  Casablanca from Bridal Elegance /  Men’s Suits: Macy’s

Happy Anniversary Hunny!!



  1. Julie says:

    My grandparents live right outside of Leland… so I know what you mean when you say that area is a “home away from home”! What a beautiful wedding and great memories!

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