Feb 26

It’s Two Months After Christmas, what Gifts do You Still Love?

We’re two months past Christmas now, all the shopping and holiday gift guides have fled our minds. However, what I’m always wondering is what people actually recieved, what they liked (and didn’t really like) and then how long that “new toy” feeling lasted.

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to circle back to the guide that I shared back in late Novemeber/early December. I want to share what my girls loved, what they liked for a moment and maybe even things that weren’t quite as big of a “hit” as I had expected. Then as the next holiday season rolls around maybe we’ll remember to refer back to this and stop stressing so much about purchasing the perfect present! (Highly unlikely, but here’s hoping!)

1. Scooters

Santa brings our girls each 2 presents, in addition to a few small candies and trinkets they’ll find in their stockings. The first, was a scooter for each of them. They love doing things together, so gifting activities they can do together is always a win in our house.

Santa did a lot of research on scooters and found these ones on Amazon (which then obviously he tasked his elves with making ones just like them). He liked these ones because they were cute, sturdy, had adjustable heights and came in multiple colors that would appeal to little girls. Plus the wheels light up, so obviously they love that!

We let them ride them around the house for a couple days because it was Christmas and now they’re safely stored away in our basement until spring arrives and they can be used outside.

2. Only Little Once Dresses

The second gift they received were dresses. We love Only Little Once and were so happy to see that Santa and his workshop must have partnered with them! Gretta’s current princess obsession is Jasmine and Willa June loves all things Frozen.

These have buy far been the most loved, used and played with items. Comfort and quality is key with these dresses, we have many and have always been happy with our purchases from this brand.

3. Wooden Beauty Styling Set from Coco Village

We like simple, imaginative and classic toys. We tend to stay away from battery operated and plastic toys, keeping life as simple as possible. Plus, if it’s visually appealing, not only do my girls love playing with it, but it’s less annoying for me to see it laying around the house.

This set checks all the boxes. It’s beautifully made with lots of thoughtful detail. It’s fun and imaginative. Willa June was gifted this and loved it.

However, I am seeing that as time has worn on, this one has been a little less played with. I’m definately not giving up on it yet, but as of right now it’s not looking like a long time love.

4. Dollhouse with Calico Critters

This was actually a gift from last year. If you follow along on Instagram you might remember the story of me finding a dollhouse that someone set out to the road for free, which I then made over and gifted it to my girls for Christmas last year. They still love it. It is played with so often. It is the only toy that we allow to be kept in the living room – which might add the the appeal. Or it might be the adorable little “critters” that live in the house.

It’s a classic wooden house with vintage wooden furniture and even a porcelian sink and toliet. However, finding vintage “people” to live in the house that were size appropriate and not all together creepy was a challenge. We ended up buying a Calico Critters Tuxedo Cat Family. They were a hit. So much so, that this year Willa June was gifted another family to live in the house as well, and now both girls are playin with it more than ever. The Tuxedo Cat family and the Hopscotch Rabbit family all live together in perfect harmany. Our local toy store, The Rocking Horse Toy Co in Petoskey and Harbor Springs have the biggest selections of these families that I have ever seen!

5. FAO Schwarz Blocks

Gretta loves building things. We looked at some of the magnet tiles and even considered Tinker Toys, but she saw this glittery castle in a toy magazine and it was a must have. She was so excited to recieve it on Christmas and I am happy to report that she is still playing strong with it today.

If you remember that guide, it was all about shopping small and local when possible. So how did I do? Yes, I made a couple of Amazon purchases. I did purchase a doll from Crate and Kids – she’s adorable and I bought a nightgown from Only Little Once to match so I suppose it balances out. For stocking stuffers Santa was able to fill the adults with tasty treats from Royal Farms in Charlevoix, Hardwood Gold in Charlevoix and found some goodies from Grandpa Shorters in Petoskey as well. I feel confident in saying there was at least a 70/30 split of local vs online, but maybe more local than that. We self quarentined before the holiday to make celebrating with family safer, and so there were a couple of last minute online neccessities. But overall, I feel like I can give myself a huge pat on the back for supporting shops on Etsy and fellow small business owners as much as possible.


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