Feb 16

Caring for Your Fresh Flower Arrangements

Valentine’s Day was just 2 days ago and regardless if you were gifted flowers from me, another florist or even the grocery store, we want to help you make those blooms last as long as possible, embracing the beauty while it lasts and watching the evolution of your arrangement as each day the flowers open, fade and change into something completely new.

Here are some of our favorite flower care tips to prolong the life of your favorite flowers:

  1. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight

When flowers are growing, they need lots of sun. Once they’ve been cut, their relationsihip with the sun should end. Sunshine will contine to make your blooms open up more and petals fall faster. If you’re doing event work or like your roses large and open, then by all means shine some light on them! But if you’re looking to extend their vase life, they’d prefer a cool, dark space.

2. Keep out of Direct Heat

Avoid placing your arrangement next to a register or heat source. Just like the sun, the warmth will make your flowers open and shed their petals faster. Additionally, it can make the water in your vessel evaporate faster, leaving you with thristy blooms.

3. Change the Water

Flowers love to drink clean, fresh water. Water spills out during transport. It evaporates. And the flowers drink it. So remember to add more water to your arrangements and completely swap out the old water every couple of days to prevent dirt and bacteria growth. If you have to choose between dirty water with flower food and clean, fresh water, I will choose fresh water every time!

You can watch a quick little video on the easiest way to accomplish this task HERE. (It’s so much easier than you think!)

4. Remove any Wilted Flowers, Leaves or Stems

Any wilted, dead to diseased blooms can make the other flowers expire a little quicker than they woud under normal circumstances. They can also lead to additional bacteria growth in the water. On that same note, if you’re arranging the flowers in a vase yourself, be sure that any petals or leaves that would fall below the water line are removed because they will increase the changes of adding, you guessed it… bacteria! to the water.

The best way to keep your flowers thriving and happy are keeping them in a cool, dark place with plenty of cool, clean water… it’s that simple!


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