Dec 21

A Holiday Table Mock-Up

Do you ever wonder what a designer’s holiday table actually looks like? I mean, clearly if I’m posting a tabletop inspiration for Christmas and Christmas hasn’t even happened yet, then this may not be what my actual dining room might look like on Christmas day.

Unless of course these photos are from last year and in all transparency, they’re not. Actually they’re from October. Yes, in October I was super excited about Christmas and my holiday launch and completely decorated my dining room, complete with a tree.

Don’t worry, I took it down after the photoshoot… I’m not that crazy. But it was fun to set up and I’m glad I did it in advance because this month has been busy!

Plus, we never actually celebrate Christmas at home anyway, we’re always traveling to be with family. I figured this year would be no exception.

Twist of events, everything this year has been an exception and we actually ARE spending Christmas at home (thank you COVID) and it’s the first time in my adult life being home on Christmas… ever!

So with that being said, this “practice run” is just as much for me as it is for you. Enjoy!

I used a piece light grey of soft cotton flannel folded over into a square table scarf rather than an actual tablecloth. I love the slight holiday feel the plaid gives without it being overdone or as bold as a buffalo check – plus it lets the flowers really pop!

No, these are not new dining chairs, they’re actually the chairs from our outdoor patio set! But the color worked so well with the plaid and I loved the elegant cottage vibe they added to this set up. Wicker is not just for summer, friends!

When Friday comes, that tree won’t be in the corner, but the cat will most likely still jump on the table. There will be smiles and good food added in. We’ll celebrate small, but together and I will make myself a bouquet filled with fresh flowers.

Christmas Centerpiece Harbor Springs Florist

Sources: Table is vintage | Chairs: Art Van | Plates: Vintage | Gold Flatware: Walmart | Christmas Tree: Target (no longer available but similar) | Plates & Glassware: Vintage | Napkins: Homegoods

Hope your holiday is wonderful! See you next year!


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