Nov 24

Shop Small, Shop Local and Shop Michigan Made – a Little Something for Everyone Gift Guide 2020

2020… need we really say more? We all know everything that goes without saying when you mutter those four little numbers. And I can only hope we all know how imporatant it is to support eachother right now, always really, but right now too.

Small businesses need your help. They depend on the holiday season to help them through the rest of the year. This is when we’re out buying the most. Yet, this year we’re being encouraged not to be out but rather to stay home. Which means more struggle for those retailers that don’t have a strong online presence.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I’m searching for a particular item, the first thing I do is type it into a search bar. Amazon will grab my attention and 2 days (or maybe 3 or 4 or 5 days because we’re in Northern Michigan in a pandemic) later it’s on my doorstep. It’s easy.

This year though, I’m trying to break bad habits. I’m trying to think outside the box, figure out ways to support local shops, purchase from smaller retailers on Etsy and little hidden online treasure troves recommended to me by family and friends and… you! There are so many amazing artists, business owners and creatives out there following their dreams and I don’t want this challenging year to make their dreams end.

Michigan Boutiques and Small Business Shopping Guide

This is simply a hodge podge of shops that I love, places you should check out if you live in or are visiting Northern Michigan and ideas for a variety of recipients – kids, brides, colleagues, designers, florists, clients and more. Basically, if you’re wondering what I want for Christmas, start here 😉 Without further ado – let’s start shopping!

Carleigh Courey Design – shopping online, Michigan based

I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to describe Carleigh’s work… it’s modern and yet classic at the same time. It would feel at home at an antique store but itsn’t old fashioned. And her use of color is muted perfection. It’s muted and neutral without being bland. I have 2 of her calenders with a 3rd (the 2021 edition) on my wishlist this year and I’m going to be putting some of her wallpaper in my house. Previsouly, her online shop has featured art prints, greeting cards, wrapping paper and more. Currently she’s closed but will be open at the end of this month (like any day now!!) with all new items in her shop and I cannot wait!

Ciarra Claire Shop – shopping online, based in Petoskey, Michigan

Ciarra herself is a delight, but on top of her charming personality, her artistic talents are breathtaking. It’s romantic and old while still be clean and new. She has 3 antique printing presses, which make me giddy, she creates watercolor and letterpress cards, art prints and gorgeous wedding stationary. Plus she designed my personal branding… so you know she’s the best 😉

She also has a Black Friday sale happening right now, use code BLACKFRIDAY2020 for 25% off!

Photography: K R Moreno

Dressed Boutique – Harbor Springs, Michigan

For the fashion forward shopper, who loves a classic and earthy look. Dressed Boutique is one of my favorite women’s clothing shops in town. From cozy sweaters, cute shoes and maxi dresses – if I’m looking for something new to wear, this is one of my first stops.

Gardenia Gals – online shopping, based in Michigan

This is a new shop to me but I love anything botanically inspired and if you’re here reading this post, then chances are you will too! These are Michigan made jewelry designs using pressed flowers. Designs include earrings, necklaces and adorable Michigan shaped Christmas ornaments. I’m trying not to buy anything for myself right now, but those little Johnny Jump Up flowers are calling my name… hint hint 😉

Also, I saw on their website that they’re offering 25% off on Small Business Saturday this year, that’s Saturday, November 28th.

Grandpa Shorters – Petoskey, Michigan

It’s like taking a step back in time. This classic downtown shop is the perfect location for unique gifts and stocking stuffers. The store is full of fun art supplies, old fashioned toys, gloves, slippers, appearel, candy, bacon scented air fresheners (for real!) and more! When I’m looking for something fun and unique for that person who already has it all, this is your place.

Ivy Boutique – Harbor Springs, Michigan

Another great option for the trendy women in your life. They’ve got a bold and colorful style that’s on point every season. Plus their accessories get me every time, hats, earrings and necklaces galore! They also have a great social media presence with online fashion shows and private shopping experiences, perfect for those who can’t come into the store and shop in person.

J.W. Shorter & Sons Mercantile – Petoskey, Michigan

Another charming shopping experience in Downtown Petoskey. If you’re looking for seasonal dish towels, tableware, specialty lotions, decor, greeting cards and adorable baby gifts, look no further. My favorite gloves came from there and they carry Bunnies by the Bay – one of my favorite children’s brands.

Only Little Once – online shopping, based in Michigan

Only Little Once Elsa Dress

They make the cutest girls dresses! Both of my girls love dressing like princesses and wearing fancy dresses. However, dress up clothes can be itchy and fall appart fast. These are heirloom quality and made to last. The fabrics are soft and twirly, letting little girls look and play like little girls should.

Styling Archives – online shopping

Tiffany (the owner) is a photographer who I’ve met and worked with in Michigan, who recongized a need for some pretty details to add to the sentimental story of a wedding day. She started the Styling Archieves and has since left our great state, but we still love her and all the pretty pieces she has available in her shop. Her inventory includes velvet ring boxes, vows books, full styling kits and more. This is the perfect place to shop for the designers, stylists, photographers and bride’s-to-be in your life. Every detail of a wedding day is worth capturing, some are just a little prettier than others!

The Day’s Design – Harbor Springs, Michigan

I almost forgot to put my own business on here! And I know what you might be thinking… how are flowers a good Christmas gift?!

We have a couple of different options this holiday season.

  1. Purchase a gift certicate (you can do this to support any story/business/artist you love – not just me)
  2. Purchase one of our December flower arrangements – we have weekly option available. Purchase each week individually or flowers for the entire month. Plus if you purchase 4 weeks, the 5th is free!
  3. Purchase a flower subscription for next summer – either for yourself or for a gift. I haven’t released the full details yet, but we’re going to have a special this weekend allowing you to pre purchase at a special rate a month long flower subscription. We’ll give you a gift certicate now which can be redeemed in the month of June, July or August for 4 weeks of flowers, delivered right to your door! Watch our social media this weekend for full details.
  4. Or our wreaths are a perfect present to send a loved one who is far away, they can look at it all season long and think of you! We deliver flowers and wreaths to both Petoskey and Harbor Springs.
Custom Christmas Wreaths Harbor Springs Florist

Tom’s Mom’s Cookies – Harbor Springs, Michigan

Looking for something delicious? These homemade (or bakery made I suppose is more accurate) cookies are amazing! I treat all my clients visiting the studio with this treat and always have any extra one on hand for myself. Some of the best flavors include chocolate chip – which is actually chocolate chunk and they chunk the chocolate themselves which means sometimes there’s practically an entire chocolate bar inside you’re cookie. I also recommend the chocolate with dried Traverse City cherries and my personal favorite, chocolate caramel pretzel. They also ship, so yes, you can get your holiday treats delivered!

I am originally posting this on November 24th – before you begin your Turkey day feasts and Black Friday shopping. However, if you have other favorite places that I’ve neglected to meantion I would love to see what they offer and add them to my list! I’ll keep this updated throughout the season. Also worth noting, there are no partnerships or affiliate links here. These are all simply places in our community that I love, artists I admire and stores that I am personally shopping at this holiday season.


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