Aug 16

It’s the Weekend!

Coming home after a few days away is like entering a whole new world of possibilities.  Stepping away allows me to clear my head, refresh and refocus.  We skipped town for a couple of days last weekend, purposely leaving my laptop cord behind, so we could soak up some sun and Lake Michigan air.

It was pretty chilly last weekend, so our plan didn’t pan out exactly as I’d hoped, but it was still great to get away.  Tuesday morning when I stepping back into my office, I didn’t even know where to start… I was simply bursting at the seams with inspiration!  It’s one of those times where I have so many ideas, trying to figure out how to get them all out of your head and onto paper, somewhat organized and making sense of it all seems nearly impossible.  And the ideas are so scattered, multiple events with various components can leave to an overload of creativity, but I love it!  This is what I thrive on 🙂


So this week my desk has been covered with random sketches tossed every which way, I have been elbows deep in piles of tulle, lace, feathers and Swarovski crystals and unpacking my suitcase has been shoved way down low on my priority list!

To some people a strong work ethic includes spending extra hours away from home, not taking vacations and having zero family time – they’re married to their work.  For me, its understanding that some time away can lead to new possibilities, more creativity and a healthier overall perspective on life.  So please excuse the mess… this busy mama has work to do!

Happy Friday friends!!


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  1. Rachel says:

    I adore this post! So true what you said about time away from work bringing more inspiration than ever. Have a great weekend, Shelby!

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