Aug 15

The Wedding Ceremony

Photo by Shannon Scott {Smug Shots}

Tuesday morning I dug head first into some ceremony details and timelines for my August couple.  As I looked through the specifics of the service, I could not help but feel overwhelmingly excited.  Seriously.  There was love displayed on that page!

Now we’ve all been to the wedding ceremony that seems to never end, with rows full of antsy guests secretly wishing they’d just say “I do” already.  On the other hand, I experienced the shortest wedding ceremony of life earlier this summer – the guests didn’t even have time to sit down! The wedding party made their way down the aisle, the couple said some quick vows, kissed and now they are husband and wife.

Honestly, before planning my own wedding, I wasn’t even sure what a wedding ceremony should entail, or how long it should last.  Is there a right or wrong answer?

The ceremony portion of a wedding is a very personal, intimate celebration.  It is an outward showing of a commitment between two people.  Some people choose to make this a largely celebrated and lighthearted affair, while others keep things on a more serious note since it is such a major commitment.

The average wedding ceremony is approximately 30 minutes long.  Typical ceremonies include details such as the seating of the grandparents and parents, the bridal processional, a word of welcome and declaration of intent, the VOWS, the exchanging of rings, lighting of the unity candle and then the introduction of the new Mr. & Mrs… swoon!

However, variations do occur.  Some couples choose to write their own vows, which is a great personalized addition.  The unity candle is often replaced with something else, such as sand or tying knots, or skipped all together.  You might consider adding cultural elements and other religions also have significant pieces to their ceremonies.  Couples may choose to have a biblical or other reading, or a special song sung – or perhaps the guest might even join in with a traditional hymn!

So my greatest advice would be to do what makes you happy.  Make your ceremony memorable and personal.  Focus on what the ceremony actually means and is representing, a love and commitment to last a lifetime.



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