Apr 29

I’m Not Perfect

There’s lots of talk in this industry about the “perfect” wedding.  Whether it’s picture perfect or runs perfectly smooth, I think we’re given this false hope that if we plan correctly, hire the exact right vendors and read enough wedding blogs/magazines, then you’re day will indeed be perfect.

I might have other ideas.  I will not plan your “perfect” wedding because in fact, I’m not perfect.

Case in point: every single inspiration shoot I have taken part in has had something go wrong or in some way did not turn out EXACTLY as I had envisioned.  I’m not going to point out to you these flaws, as you might not recognize them right away and I’ll just let you think I planned things certain ways.  However, this is under a very controlled environment and scenario where there are unexpecteds (think weather – which is a HUGE one, being sent the wrong linen, stepping on a bee…ouch!), so I’m sure you can imagine what might happened during a real event, where there are hundreds of people verses my 4 models and one crazy Uncle Lou might have been served too much to drink.

Humans aren’t perfect.  We say the wrong things, post insulting and harmful things on social media and have typos in our writings.  And I think there’s this immediate need to respond and point out these imperfections, which seems all too wrong.   I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection”.

All we can really do is make the best decision with the resources you have laid out in front of you.  You can surround yourself with the best support system and do what you can with what you have.  Find vendors you trust, make decisions that make sense and live in the moment.  That is the best advice I can possibly give you while planning your wedding (and pretty much every other piece of life).

Yellow Wedding Flowers | The Day's Design | Heather Cisler Photography

Here’s a little sneak peek from my last project with Heather Cisler Photography.  Another perfectly, imperfect project (hello major wind storm!), with more to share soon!



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