Apr 30

Flowers are Coming to The Day’s Design!!

I am so grateful and beyond excited for the opportunity to follow my PASSION for flowers and offer romantic, garden style blooms to my design services.  This May, my travels will take me to North Carolina to attend Philosophy Flowers’s workshop where I hope to hone some of my floral skills.  Flowers make me feel alive and I want to be surrounded by them as often as possible.

Philosophy Flower Workshop

Flowers and design go hand in hand, so this seems like a natural step for me to take.  It’s becoming a rather requested service of me.  And you’ve no doubt seen my floral work throughout my website, in inspirations shoots and even at my own wedding.  In fact, you may have thought this was a service I already offered, which it is, but on a very small scale.  Putting together a few blooms for a birthday party, brunch or simply brighten someone’s day is a little different than creating a design with hundreds of flowers, moving pieces, aisle décor and centerpieces for a wedding.

So when it comes down to it, fear has held me back and I’ve been scared to book a whole wedding’s worth of floral.  There are so many more details to consider than just hand-tying a few blooms together.  And what if I fail?  This is someone’s dream day that I would be crushing!

In light of this, right now my basement is being reworked, plans are being plotted and floral recipes are being created.  If all goes well, full on large scale floral services will be officially be added to The Day’s Designs offerings soon… like really soon, I’m talking to brides about blooms this summer and fall!  Eeekk… I’m so excited to actually be typing those words!

What does it mean for you, my current and future bridal clients?  It means that you will have yet another resource for beautiful blooms.  It means that the person designing and coordinating logistics with also be hands-on with florals and ideas can easily come from one person and one place, without having to communicate your vision over and over again to countless vendors.  It also means one less vendor to worry about on your wedding day.  However, you by no means HAVE to use my floral services.  I know there are so many amazing florists out there, and if one of them strikes your fancy, I highly encourage you to work with them.  No hard feelings, I want your day to represent you and make your vision come to life.  I will also be taking on a limited number of floral only clients, so bring on the flower love!

I can’t wait to share more about my adventures of adding blooms!



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