Dec 28

My Holiday Living Room Tour

I know many of you are moving full steam ahead into the new year.  But I’m not there yet.  I’m holding onto Christmas for a bit longer.  I don’t like the idea of rushing to tear my decorations down and discard my beautiful tree.  I like Christmas to linger on as long as possible.

I also find this time between Christmas and New Year incredibly peaceful.  The frantic search for the perfect present and the never ending battle of wrapping is behind us.  I can just sit and relax, finish up a few winter tasks and watch the girls play with their new treasures.

Decorating this year for Christmas was fun.  I had a new living room which gave me a new blank canvas to create in.  I have a back yard filled with an unending supply of evergreens.  And finally I had a mantle of my very own, which is something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

I use the same Christmas ornaments for my tree every year.  I love pulling each bobble out and thinking of the memory that it represents.  Some belonged to relatives that have left us years ago.  Some are a reminder of fun shopping trips with my mom.  I have those that symbolize the years that my girls were born.  And a couple that date back to a time when my husband didn’t realize what he was getting himself into and bought me a couple ornaments back when we were dating.  The tree is always the center of my holiday décor.

Real Christmas Tree | The Day's Design

This year I resurrected a few pieces from my Snow Village.  I used to setup up an entire scene complete with mountains of snow.  I’m not ready to recreate the entire Department 56 in my house like I used to, but many of this pieces were gifted to me by my grandma and it’s fun to get them out.

And when it comes to greenery, I’m always a fan.  I love how adding a couple sprigs can add just the slightest touch of holiday charm to your existing décor.

Grey Holiday Decor | The Day's DesignGrey Holiday Decor | The Day's DesignRustic Christmas Decor | The Day's DesignPottery Barn Pillow | The Day's DesignSnow Village | The Day's DesignSnow Village | The Day's DesignSnow Village | The Day's DesignNuetral Holiday Decor | The Day's DesignRustic Christmas Decor | The Day's DesignSilver and Gold Christmas Tree | The Day's Design

I’m more than happy to share sources for anything shown in this post however there are too many items collected throughout the years to list them all here, comment below or email me at if you have any questions.

Hope your Christmas was fabulous!




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