Dec 30

Behind the Scenes with a Work from Home Mom

I put together my Instagram Best of 9 post for the year (I haven’t posted it yet so stay tuned for that).  It was really interesting to see what people love best about my work.  Of course, there were a lot of flowers.  But surprisingly enough, my most loved photo was one where I shared my heart.  I poured out all the struggles of a wedding day and laid it at my bride’s feet.  It was very open, honest and I was candid about all the behind the scenes.

While I would rather stay a little more light hearted this morning, I still thought it might be fun to share a few “outtakes” of what’s been going on at my home studio the last couple months. I’m not sure if it’s because my followers are nosey or if it’s just reassuring to know that everyone’s life isn’t so perfect behind the scenes but either way, it seems that seeing how life is done is a fan favorite idea.  Certainly I attempt to share only the best of the best on my blog and in my Instagram feed – that’s just smart advertising.  However, I have a few gems that just make me roll my eyes and bring a smile to my face.  The real life story of a work from home mom.

Behind the Scenes of a Work from Home Mom | The Day's Design

This was from my Thanksgiving table table top (which you can see here).  And her look says it all, “why are you setting a table when no one is coming for dinner?  Are you having a wedding??”

Behind the Scenes of a Work from Home Mom | The Day's Design

Meanwhile the dog refused to get out from unneath the table and ended up photo bombing several of my shots.

Behind the Scenes of a Work from Home Mom | The Day's Design

And then there’s Willa, completely in a world of her own.

Blogger Mom | The Day's Design

Sometimes the sunlight streams a little too brightly in through my window, so having someone step in to block those pesky shadows is key.

Blogger Mom | The Day's Design

And here’s a rare occasion when Gretta is actually out of jammies and in real clothing.  The lighting in this room is best in the morning and often that means we don’t get dressed until afternoon.  They both hopped into the photo just before I was ready to take the shot for my Holiday Living Room Tour post, which you can see here.

I hope you all have a fabulous new year — I’ll see you in 2017!!


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